Moroccan Organics with Argan Oil

Moroccan Organics Argan Oil

I love finding organic hair care products that are professional quality products.  Unlike many of my eco-friendly pals, my hair care routine isn’t always “natural.”  I’ve explained before when I attempted to go “no-poo” (not using shampoo) that I color treat my hair with highlights and color to cover us some grey.  I was golden blonde in my younger days and as I got older it slowly turned brown.  I still won’t admit that I’m brown now and insist on adding the blonde highlights.  I truly love my color and have a fabulous hairdresser so I don’t see my routine changing much.

However, I will always be on the lookout for more natural hair care products.  I’m super picky about the products I use.  Shampoos have to lather!  Conditioners have to make my hair tangle-free, soft, and shiny.  I hate products that make my hair feel sticky and stiff, which is why you’ll rarely see my hair with any form of curls in it.  My hairdresser has finally found me a shampoo that I have been using that doesn’t require the use of conditioner.  It’s that good!

Then it happened, I was approached by a local company to test out some of their products. They are SO local that their home office is about a mile down the road from my house!  Located in sunny Palm Harbor, Florida, Organic Salon Systems is a company that distributes eco-friendly hair care and color to salons.  They sent me a sampling of their Moroccan Organics line of products containing argan oil.  You may have seen other products recently featuring argan oil (I saw a commercial the other day for Pantene with argan) and it sounds like the next “big” thing in hair care.

The argan tree can be found in Morocco and produces a fruit that surrounds a very hard nut rich in argan oil.  Moroccan Organics has a high tech extraction process that actually takes the argan oil from the tree roots instead of the fruit (or nuts).  It is harvested organically and cruelty-free.  Since it comes from a tree, the final product is also vegan.  They combine the argan oil with other natural (and organic) ingredients to create a superior hair line.

What does argan oil do for your hair?  It smooths the cuticle of your hair creating luster and shine.  It’s not sticky and it’s not oily.  They recommend using these products to protect your hair from heat treatments (like drying, curling, or straightening), UV rays, and air pollution.  It also eliminates tangles and frizz.

The Moroccan Organics line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask (leave in conditioner), hair spray/anti-frizz finisher, and argan oil.  While I did like the shampoo and conditioner, my two favorite products are the hair mask and argan oil.  I use the hair mask every few weeks, as needed, to restore my hair if I’ve been straightening it a lot.  The argan oil is a small bottle of oil and you apply a few drops to your hair before drying.  I can not believe how soft and smooth it makes my hair feel.  Not only does it make my hair feel good, it helps remove tangles painlessly.  I’ve started using the argan oil on my daughters hair too.  Her hair tangles so badly and this has been a lifesaver.  The picture below shows my daughters hair on a regular day (left) without any treatment and just after using argan oil (right) with a nice shine to it.

Before and After Argan Oil

I may not have 100% natural and eco-friendly hair but I still try to use natural and organic hair care products when I can.  The Moroccan Organics line is going to have a permanent place on my shelf; especially the argan oil treatment.  Ask your salon about Moroccan Organics and to find a salon near you that sells it visit Organic Salon Systems.  You can also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

If you are a licensed cosmetologist, you can enter their Pin To Win (#salonproductstotry) contest on Pinterest to win  a prize package of products to try in your salon.


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