Welcome to my newest app addiction – Vine!

As I was settling into bed last night I do what I do every night; I opened up Instagram.  Then I saw it – a few of my followers starting sharing their Vine profiles.  What’s Vine?  What’s #vineapp?  What’s all this chatter I see on Instagram.

Of course I do what every good social media junkie does – go to iTune and search for Vine.  I actually had 3 different “Vine” apps come up so I had to figure out which one they were talking about.  Vine – Make a scene, by Vine Labs.  It appears that this app was just released by Twitter actually and combines all of the things I love about Twitter and Instagram with a twist; 6 second videos!

Once you create an account (I linked mine to my Twitter account to keep my profiles consistent) you can start following your friends and have them follow you back.  It looks very similar to Instagram (but green) with a place to “like” a post and leave comments on posts.

The thing that makes Vine different is that it’s not photos but videos.  Short, six second long videos.  To make things even more fun the videos don’t have to be continuous.  You can take a 1-2 sec video, pause, take another 1-2 sec video of something else, pause, and end with another video.  You can stop and start as often as you like within that 6 seconds.  This can be fun to create time-lapse videos of weather changing, pets acting silly, how to videos, or anything.

Vine ProfileMy Vine Profile – I’m a Vine Virgin!

Vine AppMake your first video!  Just touch the screen and your video will start recording.  The green bar at the top is your status (how much time you have left).  Start and stop often to create a fun to watch video.

Vine App Sample

Don’t forget to use the hashtags to tag your video.  Your #firstpost can be of anything.  My daughter decided to sing you a sweet melody (of gibber jabber) while my son walked in and wondered what we were doing.  Then post it and share with the world!

Explore Vine App

Want to see what people are posting?  Explore popular hashtags like #nyc #loop #magic #pets #travel #sports #food #nature and #howto.  As a blogger I could see the #howto to be a fun tag to create!

Are you on Vine yet?  Follow me so I can see what you’re filming.  Oh, and if you disappear from Instagram or Facebook you’ll know where to find me!  I’m @TheEcoChic on Vine.


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