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#GreenGifts Twitter PartyDid you join the #GreenGifts Twitter party Tuesday night with @TheEcoChic (me), @EffBlog (Amanda), and @GreenChildMag (Amity)?  We had so much fun that I ended up in Twitter Jail for talking too much – oh no!!!  Yes, Twitter likes to control how much you talk to prevent spammers and sometimes innocent people like myself get put in the slammer!  Thankfully it only lasts for about an hour before they release me to Tweet once more.

Did you miss the winners announcements?  Here’s a quick breakdown on the winners as selected at random by Amanda (@Effblog) using Random.org and the list of RSVP’d guests.


  • Allegory Pen winners: @granolorents and @kaylalorri
  • Grassroots Store winner: @beccajoy99
  • YoBlocks winner: @lovebuy_lucy59
  • EcoStore USA winner: @mycutegenes
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby winner: @twinctnbottom
  • Binky Spritz winner: @christyisttc
  • Organic Baby Gift Boutique winner: @chellez437
  • Squooshi winners: @gloverkim9, @lapsley1, @vasleepcoach, @looloo01
  • Hevea Baby USA winner: @melissastamps
  • BIS.KOT winner: @agitatedmama
  • Irma Guzman winner: @nijabinamerica
  • Onya Baby winner: @rakojetin
  • Red Charlotte winner: @wifemummynurse
  • VZWraps winner: @gina_hod

Congratulations to our winners!  Amanda, Amity, or myself will be in touch with you soon to get your mailing information.  The sponsors will send your prize to you within the next 2-4 weeks.  If you have any questions at all please email Calley (theecochic@gmail.com) and we’ll be happy to help.

Did you see something you liked during the party?  Who was your favorite sponsor?  We have some coupon codes for you to use if you’d like to start your holiday shopping.  

Allegory Pens coupon – Save 10% off $50 or more with code GREENTUESDAY
Grassroots Store coupon – Save 15% off with code ECOCHIC
Bis.Kot coupon – Save 10% off for 48hrs with code ECOTW_10
Squooshi coupon – Save 20% off with code GREENGIFTS20
Organic Baby Gift Boutique – Save 10% off thru Jan 2013 with code GREENGIFT
VZWraps – Save 10% off thru 11/27 with code GGTP10

Want to join us for another Twitter Party?  Be sure to sign up (—-> over there in the sidebar) to my Newsletter and we’ll send out announcements for the next party!  Our next party is tentatively planned for Dec. 11th.  If you’d like to sponsor please visit CalleyPate.com for more information.

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