Our Holiday Photo Outtakes


After school today I decided to take the kids outside and attempt to capture the perfect holiday photo for our Christmas cards.  Mind you my children had been in school ALL day.  I was hoping that I could harness some of their energy and get some really cute shots.

Instead I ended up with two kids who did not want to take orders from some crazy mama with a camera.  Here are just a few of the 55 photos that I took today that show just how uncooperative my kids were…

Holiday Photo Outtakes

Holiday Photo Outtakes

Holiday Photo Outtakes

Holiday Photo Outtakes He was doing flips instead of cooperating with me.

Holiday Photo Outtakes

Holiday Photo Outtakes

Holiday Photo Outtakes

This last one was the best of the bunch and after a little bit of editing (not shown edited here) it ended up looking pretty nice.

Lessons learned: 

  • Don’t attempt to take photos after school.
  • Don’t attempt to take photos when your kids are hungry.
  • Don’t assume you’ll get a good holiday photo on the first try.
  • Don’t try to stage your photos too much.
  • Do have a camera that takes really fast pictures (mine is slow).
  • Do try to laugh a lot.
  • Do let your kids have fun.
  • Do pour yourself a glass of wine and relax!

Have you started your holiday cards yet?  How many outtakes did you end up with before you found ONE photo that you loved?  

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  1. Newlyweds ona Budget (@NewlywedsBudget) says

    I actually really like the first one, it looks like they’re having a grand time!

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