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I was introduced to Chad and Jessica of Allegory Pens a few weeks ago and they were eager to share their story with me.  After a brief phone conversation I was completely in love with their passion and their project.  If you haven’t watched the video above yet please take a moment to do so – I promise you will be in love with what you see.

Allegory Pens takes something as simple as a pen and creates a truly unique handcrafted piece of art.  They use reclaimed, ancient, and historical wood and shape it into the casing of their writing instruments.  They have a small workshop in Chicago where all the pens are crafted and each pen is guaranteed to be one of a kind.  The trees that Allegory uses are not virgin trees and aren’t cut down to make the pens.  For example, the ancient Kauri wood is from Northern New Zealand and can be found underground in bogs under old farmland.  The Kauri wood is estimated to be about 50,000 years old.  

About Kickstarter – this is Allegory’s second Kickstarter project.  They place a video and description of their project on Kickstarter’s website for a month to look for backers for their business.  Each backer makes a pledge in exchange for a finished product – kind of like pre-ordering a piece.  Pledges start as low as $10 (actually you can pledge as little as $1 but $10 is the lowest gift with pledge level).  This second kickstarter ends November 28th, 2012 and they already have 287 backers at the time of this post.

Join us on November 13th during the #GreenGifts Twitter party to meet Chad and Jess as we talk about green gifting for the holiday’s.  We’re giving away two Allegory Pens from their new Precision Collection during the party.  

Allegory Pens

Is there someone in your life who would like a custom made, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pen from Allegory?  Become a backer today to start your holiday shopping.  

Disclosure: Allegory Pens is a sponsor of the #GreenGifts Twitter Party.  


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