5 Tips for Greening Your Kitchen


How “green” is your kitchen?  Do you still have a roll of paper towels sitting on the counter?  How eco-friendly are those cleaning products?  Transitioning your kitchen to be more eco-friendly is actually one of the easiest places you can “green” in your home.

5 Tips for Greening Your Kitchen

5 Tips for Greening Your Kitchen

  1. People Towels – these organic cotton clothes are a great alternative for paper towels.  They are small enough to clean up small messes but thirsty enough to soak up toddler spills.  They come in cute prints and can even be used as napkins.  My daughter loves the “Wise Owl” print from the Protect Earth set.
  2. SKOY Cloths – another paper towel alternative, SKOY are more absorbent like sponges.  They are made from natural cotton and cellulose pulp and can be used over and over again.  When soiled they can be tossed in the washing machine or dishwasher to clean.  Once they are too soiled to clean they will biodegrade in about 5 weeks in a functioning compost bin.
  3. Natural Cleaners – stock your pantry with these common housefold items for a safer (and greener) way to clean.  Baking Soda – acts as a mild abrasive, Vinegar – used for both general purpose and as a glass cleaner, Borax –  used for general purpose cleaning, Lemon Juice – used as an anti-bacterial agent, as an antiseptic and for bleaching, and Tea Tree Oil– used as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent
  4. Waste Not – it’s estimated that 40% of the food purchased in the US is destined to be thrown out.  Reduce your portion sizes and compost any food waste that you generate to eliminate excess garbage headed to the landfill.
  5. Green Toys – don’t forget about your little eco-helpers.  Green Toys has a complete set of BPA-Free plastic kitchen toys that would be perfect for a play kitchen.  My tot likes to make me cookies as she pretends to cook while I prepare dinner.

To find these and other eco-friendly kitchen items visit Paperless Kitchen online.  They also have a company blog where they share ways to keep your kitchen clean and green.

Disclosure: I received a set of Peopletowels for review from PaperlessKitchen.com.  No other compensation was received and the opinions expressed in this post are my own.   

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