Update on Positive Parenting and Kid Pointz

Positive parenting It’s been 12 days since I installed the Kid Pointz parenting app on my iPhone and iPad.  I’m a tad bit excited about how well it’s working for us and thought I’d give you an update.

My kids both love the award and reward system.  They actually look for ways to earn a few more points each day.  At the beginning my son was so excited that he woke up before me and completed his daily chores so he could earn his reward points sooner.  They both have the opportunity to earn about 7-10 points a day, with a few extras that I can apply for really good (above average) behavior.

Below are a few tasks my kids can earn points for (not a complete list):

  • Practicing karate (my oldest)
  • Brushing their teeth (both)
  • Cleaning their room (both)
  • Placing their clothes in the hamper (both)
  • Doing the dishes (my oldest)
  • Eating all their food (both)
  • Feeding the pets (my oldest)
  • Getting dressed without help (my toddler)
  • Having a good day at school (both)
  • and a few other random chores and tasks.

I tried to pick out areas in which my kids need constant reminders on so that if they do them by themselves and without complaining they can earn their points.  My toddler especially needs a little motivation to dress herself in the morning – she likes it when I baby her.

Rewards – Of course kids love rewards!  Any guesses on where they spend their points first??  Here’s a few examples of the types of rewards we’ve assigned them:

  • 30 minutes of screen time (video games, cartoons, iPad, etc) – 5pts
  • Play a board game with mom and dad – 25 pts
  • $1 iTunes credit (with no limit on what they spend it on – even if it’s a stupid add-on to an app) – 20 pts
  • Toy from the toy closet (we acquired quite a few items from the Big Toy Book and Hasbro parties that we attending while at BlogHer – I didn’t want to give them all the goodies at once!!) – 20 pts (for small toys) and 25 pts (for larger toys)
  • Sleep with mom and dad on the weekends – 5 pts (especially made for my toddler who NEVER wants to sleep alone)

Speaking of NEVER wanting to go to sleep!!!  It’s 11:30 at night and I have a small visitor in my room.  I’m trying to decide if she’s actually scared of something in her room (noises probably) or if she just wants to sleep with us.  She actually earns points if she makes it through the night in her own room.  I guess I need to go snuggle with her for a few minutes to see if she’ll go back to her room or not.  Anyone have any tips on this one for me??  White noise machines?  Music?  Help!!

The thing I’m loving most about the Kid Pointz system is that it’s allowing me (and my kids) to be more accountable for our actions and establish healthy routines.  Have you installed the app or started using any of their reward charts?  How are they working for you?

Disclosure:  I was compensated for writing my original post on the Kid Pointz system but was under no obligation to continue to write about it.  I’m really enjoying the system and felt like it was important enough to share with you.  P.S….the reward my kids request most often??  30 minutes of screen time!!!    

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One Response to Update on Positive Parenting and Kid Pointz

  1. I LOVE that co-sleeping is one of your rewards! What a cool app and a cool way to get your kids to do the things you need them to!!!

    As for tips on getting your little lady to stay in her own room – I don’t really have anything for you – I think we just got lucky, but here’s what we did. Mason (3) just recently started staying in his own room. We redecorated and made it a big deal that we were changing his room to a BIG BOY room. We got him a new bed instead of his toddler bed, and let him pick out his own sheet set. He also requested bunk beds, so we held out on the big change until we found a cheap set at a local yard sale. The first night he slept through alone probably out of sheer excitement, but then he started making excuses about being afraid of being alone. We tried stuffed animals, but what really sealed the deal was that I drew him two pictures (one of a house and a tree, and one that just says “WE <3 YOU MASON") and taped them to the bottom of the top bunk. We told him that when he wakes up at night, he should look at those pictures and remember that Mommy and Daddy are there if he needs us, but that he's a big boy and can stay in his bed and go back to sleep. So far so good!!!
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