We Trended on Twitter #EcoDisco

Eco Disco Twitter Party

Did you join us at the Eco-Disco Twitter Party?  What a wicked good time we all had (I had fun, didn’t you?)!!

Guess what?  We trended on Twitter during the party!  That means the #ecodisco hashtag was rated in the Top 10 hashtags during our hour long party!  No small feat to achieve a trending twitter party!  Sadly, one of the downfalls of trending is the spam that comes along with it.  I promise we were not promoting and R-rated information during our party and if you happened to open a link from one of the spammers I have NO IDEA what you would have seen.

#EcoDisco Twitter Party

But it was fun (or groovy, funkadelic, far out) to party with all of you for the hour.

We updated the list of winners on the original party RSVP page if you’re interested.  They have all been contacted and their info will be shared with the sponsors tomorrow.  Prize fulfillment is provided by the sponsors so watch your mailboxes.

Ready for another party?  We’ll be doing large group sponsor parties like this one monthly. What should our theme be for next month?  Have a sponsor you’d really like us to contact? Are you a sponsor looking for some great screen presence and brand recognition?  Let us know!  Send an email to theecochic@gmail.com.

Thanks so much to our sponsors for helping make the party happen and for your awesome prizes!  And thank you to all of our loyal fans and party-goers who have been attending our parties for over 3 years now (and all our new friends too).  We love you with passion!

XOXO – Calley @TheEcoChic, Amanda @EFFBlog, and Chris @TheEcoChicMan

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