Positive Parenting? I have a LOT to learn!

Reward charts, stickers, reward points, is there an app for that?

I’m going to make a huge confession, I have no idea how to be a consistent positive parent! You would think after 9+ years of parenting I might have learned a thing or two, right?  The truth is that I have learned lots of little tricks to use but I’m so inconsistent.  I don’t do schedules, I hate charts, and I’m a hot mess when it comes to discipline.  I have been known to take away a privilege or toy only to forget the next day that it was taken away (or why I took it away).  I’ve read all the advice columns and I’ve even talked to a clinical physiologist for some of our parenting challenges.

Summer has been just as unorganized as ever.  My son hasn’t had a bedtime, no daily routine, and don’t get me started on screen time.  Thankfully he was in camp for several weeks and that provided him with some structure.  When he wasn’t in camp he was at home with me and I tried to balance parenting and my full-time job.  The typical day started with dropping my daughter off at day care and returning home to work while he played on the DS, iPad, or built some new contraption with Lego’s.  Some days he would actually unplug and swim in the pool (while I watched from the back porch as I continued to work).  If it was a really good week, one of my friends would call and invite him over for a play date.  What about my daughter?  She’s 3 and my husband and I are both struggling with the idea that she’s no longer a baby and that we have to start treating her like a toddler and not let her make up the rules.  She already knows how to work us with her baby blues (hey, it worked for me)!

Next week we open a new chapter in our life.  My son is starting a brand new charter school in the area and I once again make a pledge to be a more positive and consistent parent.  We decided to change schools to provide him with a more challenging curriculum that will better fit his educational needs.  This will be our first year with mandatory uniforms and foreign language; both of which he’s really excited about (ok, maybe not the uniform).  In order for him to be more successful I will need to be more consistent with my parenting tactics and I think I may need a little help!

Where do you go to find help with positive parenting?  I was recently introduced to Kid Pointz, a website that provides parents with an “instruction manual” for parenting.  Kid Pointz has printable reward charts, chore charts, and an online reward point system.  In addition there are parenting articles, videos, and activities for the entire family.

Kid PointzTonight I spent a few hours setting up the Kid Pointz reward system for both of my kids.  It’s a free online program that allows you to set up rules, chores, and expectations for behaviors.  It allows you to assign reward points for each rule, print customized charts, and set rewards for your child to redeem the points that they earn.  If you need a little guidance Kid Pointz even has age appropriate ideas for rules and rewards.  As a parent of a tween and a toddler this may be the most helpful part of the entire website.

Oh, and there is an app for that!  You can download the Kid Pointz Reward System app on your iPhone so you can keep track of your kids points on the go.

Are you ready to join me?  Do you have any tips to share with me?  Anyone want to share their own parenting confessions with me?  

Disclosure: I was invited to participate in this campaign by Kid Pointz and have been paid for my participation.  In addition, I am in the running to become the next Kid Pointz blogger.  My opinions and experiences are my own and were not influenced by Kid Pointz. 

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    Hey! I love your blog and all the topics that you cover. I was happy to see this post, and think that maybe you might finally find something useful in my blog :) Check it out for some first hand experiences with the Positive Discipline Method!

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      Thanks Amity! Yes, in order to get quiet and listen to myself I guess I need to unplug myself during the day. I tried to explain to my son how it’s difficult to do 3 things at one time this morning (work, parent, house work) and I think it helped me realize that I try to do it all at the same time. They are both super excited about the point system and today has been a very good day! XO!
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