Is that a mophie in your pocket or are you just happy to see me

Mophiemophie: portable charging devices for your iPhone (iPad or iTouch).

As I was packing for BlogHer I realized that I needed to find myself a portable charging device for my dying phone.  I’m holding on tightly to my ancient iPhone 3GS in anticipation for the release of the iPhone 5.  I was so sad when they released the 4S because I am in dire need of an update.  My poor 3GS has been very well loved but the 4S just didn’t do it for me.  Sadly she doesn’t hold much of a charge these days and would never make it through a day at a blogging conference.

In a building with 5,000+ bloggers I didn’t stand a chance at finding a plug to charge my phone during the day and even if I did I would have to sit in that spot waiting for it to charge.  After posing a question to a group of women going to BlogHer I was introduced to my new lover…mophie!  It was love at first sight!

mophie makes an entire line of portable charging devices.  Some are external chargers where you plug your phone into it.  They also make a line of iPhone charging cases.  Since I know that I will be upgrading my phone (NEXT MONTH *fingers crossed*) I didn’t want to invest in a case that I couldn’t use with my new phone.  That is when I knew that I absolutely MUST have the mophie juice pack™ powerstation.

My juice pack™ powerstation is a powerful 4000mAh battery (I’m not techie enough to know what mAh means but this thing is PoWeRfUl!!) and will charge one iPhone, iPad, or iTouch very quickly while on the go.  It’s about the same size as my iPhone and weighs slightly more than my iPhone.

How do you use the juice pack?  First you have to charge your juice pack in the wall.  I did this every night while I slept so it would be fully charged the next day.  Next, when your phone is flashing those little red bars at you plug your phone into the juice pack and turn it on.  There is a small button on the side that turns it on.  Go about your business and your phone will be ready to use soon.

Now, if you continue to use your phone while plugged in to the juice pack it won’t charge while you are using it.  Give your phone a short break and interact with others in the room around you.

Get ready for some funny looks!  There were several occassions when I was holding my phone with the plug connected to my mophie which was hiding in my clutch.  All you could see was my phone plugged in to my clutch – an amusing site to some.  It was a great opportunity to tell others about my mophie!

Get ready to be everyone’s new best friend!  The first word out of everyone’s mouths was, “I have to get me one of those!” followed by “Can I borrow your mophie?  My phone is dead!”  There was one day that my mophie was responsible for charging my phone 2 times, my husbands phone once, and my friends phone for about 15 minutes for a quick charge.  I’m pretty sure it was out of juice by the end of that day!

Enjoy a few pictures of mophie’s trip to BlogHer 12 while he was hard at work charging my phone.


mophie attended the #NYCTweetUp and even sipped on a few glasses of wine while charging my iPhone.


mophie kept my iPhone charged during #bloghertarmac (i.e. the delays that bloggers experienced on Sunday at LGA) so that I could Tweet with other stranded travelers.

How did you keep your mobile devices charged at BlogHer?  

Disclosure: The fine people at mophie accepted my plea for help and sent me a mophie juice pack™ powerstation free of charge to use, abuse, and review while at BlogHer 12.  Since I was never without my phone for the entire 5 day trip I would say that speaks for itself about the quality of this product.  My new motto is, “mophie, don’t leave home without it!”

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