THinc “THE” BALM! Sponsor Spotlight

“Love you skin! Love your plant!”  That is the tagline for my newest sponsor, THinc “THE” BALM!  Taylor House inc is a company out of Hawaii that brings you a tropical and eco-friendly line of skin care products for the entire family.  Malea (the owner) makes all her products with organic materials, many of them are grown right in her home state of Hawaii.

A few of the products I’ve been fortunate enough to have tried include:

  • “THE” BALM! Sanitize – hand sanitizer made with macadamia nut oil, lavender, and orange oil with a base of ethanol.
  • “THE” BALM! Pits – a whipped balm deodorant that I am in LOVE with!! I’ve never used a natural deodorant before this and I’m happy to report it keeps me smelling pretty even during my weekly kickboxing classes.
  • “THE” BALM! Sun – a natural sunscreen that is water-proof and has an SPF of 30.  It goes on super smooth and doesn’t leave any white residue at all.  This was my favorite sunscreen to use on our recent trip to Turks & Caicos. The sunscreen is safe for babies and adults.
  • SHUE BUG! – an all natural bug spray.  I’ve tried it here in Florida this summer but we must have some super mosquitos because it worked during the day but not at night.
  • “THE” BALM! Diaper Balm and First Aid Ointment – I’ve used this on babies bums, chapped skin, dry heals, and anywhere that needs just a bit more moisture.

In addition to these items “THE” BALM! also sells nipple butter, wipes solution, teething tincture, and RAW essential oils.  All of the products are packaged in eco-friendly glass and recycled aluminum containers.  Even the shipping packages are eco-friendly which should make everyone smile!

*Note: Some products have tea tree oil and other essential oils.  Some of these scents were not my husbands favorites.  Malena noted that any of her products can be ordered without certain essential oils if you are sensitive to them.  Contact her directly for more information.

To learn more and to purchase these great products visit “THE” BALM! online at their store and their social media outlets.  Give them a quick “LIKE” on Facebook to catch the latest news from Malena.

Disclosure: Thank you Malena for being a sponsor of The Eco Chic.  “THE” BALM! is a paid advertiser but my opinions are my own and I truly love their products.  

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  1. Mary S says

    Nice review – This grandma (24 times over and 2x great-grandma) surely wishes this company had been around when I had little ones… thankfully, available for all the grandkiddlettes. Let me add, however, that they are not for little ones only… as I’ve grown older, my skin has a need for gentle help for “new” things I am experiencing and THE BALM products have made a BIG difference! And, as a diabetic for nearly 23 years, my poor feet need extra care with dryness – and a simple scratch can take uite a while to heal… add to that my new “old lady’s skin” that tears and bruises easily… well, I’ve tried nearly everything and when I finally tried THE BALM, I find my skin heals more quickly and with less marks, and my feet stay nice! I’ve also used the liquid soap, sunscreen, sanitizer, wipes… and bless the day I found these products! Oh! And I appreciate a company that hasn’t just jumped on the “natural” bandwagon for “marketing” reasons… these folks walk their talk… evidence their packaging that is planet-friendly! A real win-win: great products that work and are good for me AND the planet! And a family-based company, too boot! KUDOS!

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