My BlogHer ’12 Schedule

Come talk to me at BlogHer '12 Is BlogHer ’12 really THIS week?  I’ll be packing over the next few days and heading up to New York on Wednesday.  My husband is joining me on the trip and we’ll probably do some touristy things Wednesday and Thursday.  I even got him a ticket to BlogHer this year since he helps me out with my blog.

Once the official conference starts on Thursday here is my tentative schedule (of official events and sessions):

Thursday – Night at the Expo

Friday -

  • 6am: BlogHer 5K (don’t be too excited, I’ll probably be walking it!)
  • 8am: BlogHer Breakfast – I’m sure I’ll be hungry after the 5K
  • 9am:  Welcome
  • 10:30am: HTML Doesn’t Have to Be a Four Letter Word (I only know a few basic codes)
  • 11:15am: Geek Bar – Design Audit
  • 11:45am: Lunch Keynote with Martha Stewart AND #clothbloghers12 Birds of a Feather Lunch organized by @MommaWords
  • 1:15pm: Three-Dimensional Beauty on a 2D Screen
  • 2:45pm: Geek Bar – Google Analytics
  • 4pm: PHC Pampering (Phizer) – Hair Chalking appt at sponsors Wellness Spa
  • 7:30pm: Hasbro Sponsored Event
  • 9:00pm: Sparklecorn (Official BH party)

Saturday –

  • 8am: Disney Jr. Sponsored Event *Hubby got the invite for this one.
  • 11:00am: Protecting Your Blogging Rights
  • 11:45am: Geek Bar – Blog Backup (Yeah, I need some help on this one!)
  • 12:15pm: Lunch Keynote with Katie Couric
  • 2:10pm: Women as Change Agents special Keynote with Soledad O’Brien, Christy Turlington Burns, and Malaak Compton-Rock
  • 3:15pm: Geek Bar – Photoshop
  • 5:15pm: Closing Keynote
  • 5pm: Come as You Are – Aiming Low Party! I need to relive last years night out with @KimRosas, @ClothDiaperGeek, @TheEcoChicMan and some new friends!
  • 10pm: Cheeseburgher (Official BG party) – I may even eat some fries and dance with some friends to close out the night!

Somewhere in there I have to find time to connect with my friends (and new friends) and chill.  How on earth will I keep up with everything?  Easy!  I have everything scheduled in my iPhone calendar along with a reminder so I won’t miss an thing.

I’ll be keeping my iPhone charged the entire weekend with the help of my new mophie juice pack powerstation.  It’s an external battery that I can connect my phone up to when it’s almost dead.  It will charge quickly and give me the added boost to keep me going all day!  It will also charge my iPad if I need to.

I’ll also be attending several of the un-official off-site parties and events.  It’s very controversial but I found some of them to be very beneficial for me last year.  This is the first year that I’ve received this many off-site invitations and my husband got invited to most of them with me.  I feel very fortunate to be invited, however, my schedule this year is much busier than it has been in the past.  I don’t think I’ll sleep much.

The Eco Chic What does your schedule look like?  Want to find me during BlogHer – be sure to send me a Tweet @theecochic and I’ll do my best to find you.  And if you see me PLEASE stop me and say hello – you may have to remind me who you are because it takes me a minute to remember names and faces.  I call it MOM-NESIA!  If I still have a blank look on my face just let me know how we met (Twitter party, work, regular blog reader, etc) so I don’t look like a fool standing there trying to figure it out.  Seriously…Momnesia is a real condition, isn’t it?

Disclosure: mophie sent me their juice pack powerstation to review during my trip to BlogHer.  I’ll let you know how it works when I return.


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  1. krystal says:

    yay! I can’t wait to see you again, so soon!

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