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Does your child use your iPhone or iPad (or other mobile device)?  I think our iPad has begun to look like a child’s toy more than it does an adult tool.  My husband is actually regretting setting it up with his account because everything we download on the iPad ends up clogging his iPad too.

What are some of your favorite kids apps?  I have a few new apps that my kids are enjoying.

Must Have Apps for KidsScholatic Reading Timer:  I don’t need to encourage my oldest bookworm to read but this app is nice because it allows us to log our summer reading hours.  It lets you create accounts for each child, provides parents with useful tips, and gives kids some suggested books to read based on their age.  Cost: Free

Storia:  Another fun app for kids by Scholastic.  This is a eReader app just for kids.  It includes 5 free ebooks.  While this app is free the additional books do cost a few dollars each and can add up if you have a kid who loves to read.  Cost: Free + cost of additional books.

WATCH Disney, Disney XD, and Disney Jr:  Three different apps designed for each of the three different channels.  These apps come pre-loaded with a variety of episodes of your kids favorite Disney shows.  Unless you are a Comcast subscriber though your episode selection is pretty limited.  I’m sure my kids will love it for a while until they memorize all the words to the episodes.  Cost: Free

Jake’s Never Land Pirate School:  Based off of the Disney Jr. show Jake and the Never Land Pirates, this app let’s your child become a pirate for a day.  My daughter loves playing the Map & Spyglass Class and the Pixie Dust Class.  The iPad app is a little buggy though and was frustrating to my toddler when it stopped working.  Cost: Free

What new app is your child enjoying?

Note: My daughter is 3.5 yrs old and my son is 9 yrs old.  No compensation was provided by these companies.    

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