#SummerFluff Twitter Party – 6/19

#SummerFluff June 19th @ 9pm ETJoin us as we welcome the official start of summer by sharing our tips on how to go green with your family this summer.  We’ll be covering our favorite topics including cloth diapering, natural laundry tips, safe skin care, sun safety, and more.  Of course we’ll have lots of door prizes and tons of fun!

When:  Tuesday, June 19th @ 9-10pm ET

Hashtag: #SummerFluff

Host: @TheEcoChic



Co-Hosts: @AutumnBeck@TheCDReport, @BabyDickey, @BabyRabies, @KellyWels, @KimRosas, @ChgDiapers, @ClothDiaperNews, @PaddedTushStats, and @EFFBlog

Sponsors: @DiaperShops@EcoStoreUSA, @EarthMamaHQ, @MollysSuds, @ProjectPomona, @RockinGreenSoap, @ThirstiesInc, @GENYdiapers, @EcoNuts, and @ThincTHEBalm.

Prizes:  All of the prizes are listed on the Rafflecopter below.  Winners will be selected at random from all registered guests who have tweeted at least once during the party with the #summerfluff hashtag.  Please watch @EFFBlog for the announcement of the winners.  Winners should DM @EFFBlog to confirm your winning.  We will also need your mailing address (sent in a DM or email for privacy).  You don’t need to answer any questions to win – just show up and interact with us, the sponsors, and other guests.  Have fun!!

To RSVP: The only mandatory step in the Rafflecopter application below (not visible on all mobile devices or some RSS feeds) is to leave a comment on this blog post telling me one way your family goes “green” over the summer.  All other steps in the Rafflecopter application are bonus entries and will increase your odds of winning.  Door prize winners will be selected at random from the list of entries who are actively tweeting during the party house using the #summerfluff hashtag.  Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter (right sidebar) to receive a reminder on the evening of the party.

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277 Responses to #SummerFluff Twitter Party – 6/19

  1. Not2Haute says:

    Turning off unused lights also keeps the house COOLER in the summer. I laughed too, but it works.
    – @Not2Haute

  2. Jennifer says:

    We use less electricity by air drying clothes/diapers and using natural light.

  3. Brett says:

    We use less energy cooking meals, turn the lights off more, and use fans whenever possible.

  4. Bethany says:

    We line dry our clothes out in the sunshine! :)

  5. Leslie T says:

    I don’t wash clothes unless I can line dry!

  6. hollie n. says:

    we stay eco friendly by leaving the windows open instead of turning on the A/C. We also grill dinner outside instead of turning on the oven and heating up the house. And save laundry by letting the toddler run around in just cloth diapers ;D

  7. Danyelle Binko says:

    During the summer we hang our clothes on the line as often as we can.

  8. Shira Windschitl says:

    I’m going to attempt to line dry my diapers. I am still unsure about the whole crunchy cotton thing, though. I’ve also moved the baby’s play room downstairs so we aren’t using as much electric to keep the upstairs cool.

  9. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer H.) says:

    Like most people we try to use our dryer less in the summer and use less lights with all the natural light shining in. Riding bikes or walking instead of driving is also something we enjoy more in the summer.

  10. Amy H says:

    We grow our own vegetables, does that count? And yes, less running the dryer too :)

  11. Jenny says:

    Shopping farmer’s markets!

  12. Lindsay R says:

    We line dry, use cloth instead of paper towels, use reusable water bottles and walk more to local spots.
    Lindsay R recently posted..Thinking about Cloth Diapering? Here are the basics…My Profile

  13. Amy says:

    Going green in the summer for us means: imse vimse swim diapers… and now some retiring pocket diapers with cracked PUL, line drying whenever possible, and a small backyard garden – for my TOMATOES!!!

  14. Katy W. says:

    we hang out diapers outside

  15. Jessica Cali says:

    We hang all clothes we wash out on the line, except jeans & we also hold out as long as we can with out turning our air conditioner on in the house!
    Jessica Cali recently posted..Taylor Joelle $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway!My Profile

  16. Amy says:

    Our family dries our cloth diapers on a drying rack (year round!) but we love it during the summer cause they get to sit in the sun! :) We also try to avoid using our AC as much as possible.
    Amy recently posted..I suck so bad at this.My Profile

  17. P. Wogatzke says:

    Using fans instead of AC

  18. Pamela Gilbertson says:

    We go green over the summer by opening windows instead of using AC! :)

  19. Linda Hawes says:

    I line dry my diapers and keep the AC as “high” of a temperature as possible. :)
    Linda Hawes recently posted..I’m Participating in the Second Annual Flats and Handwashing ChallengeMy Profile

  20. Cloth swim diapers :)
    Karine Traverse recently posted..Review: Sibu Nourishing Daytime Facial CreamMy Profile

  21. Michelle V. says:

    we dry our linens outside!

  22. We try to walk to local places rather than drive!

  23. Kelly says:

    we use cloth diapers :) and hand wash and line dry

  24. Callee S. says:

    this summer i’ve actually started air drying clothes and it makes me soo happy! i love the smell of sunshine!

  25. Kelly Olson says:

    We turn off the lights and open up the curtains for light!

  26. Ann D says:

    With the recent news on commercial sunscreen, a new way we’re going green this summer is finding and using natural sunscreen sans the chemical. We’re also avoiding plastic on our outings with reusable water bottles. Our greenest of green in our family is by choosing cloth diapers for our baby.

  27. ANNSTIPTOES says:


    We use cloth diapers.

  28. Tiffany Winner (@thismomwins) says:

    we grow some of our own food

  29. Christel says:

    we used glass re-usable containers

  30. Chelsea says:

    We grow our own veggies, can our own tomatoes and make our own jam

  31. Shelley Garrett says:

    We line dry all the time in the summer! Cloth diapers and everything !

  32. Ashley B. says:

    Opening windows, using fans, not using as many lights, starting cloth diapering with our newborn once he gets here (12 days!!), line-drying his diapers, husband biking to work

  33. Kristina S says:

    We line dry diapers, and other clothes when we can!

  34. Luke Gilbertson says:

    We use the natural light more instead of turning on our lights.

  35. @candacki says:

    We go green by growing our own fruits and vegetables! :)

  36. Mary Michaud says:

    line-drying, and keeping the house cool by opening the windows at night.

  37. auschick says:

    swim diapers, cloth diapers, and composting :)

  38. Patricia Lopez says:

    We collect rain water in barrels ( summers are rainy in Florida ) and use that to water our gardens and plants .

  39. Amanda says:

    We line dry our laundry whenever we can!

  40. Amber boggs says:

    I am about to switch total silver for my spot! We also eat as much fresh raw food as we can! and a tip for those who fight with flies, next clove essential oils with water! Then spray. It makes your house smell really good, and it’s non-toxic and deters flies.

  41. Ann G says:

    Line dry, use swim diapers.

  42. Julie Kratzer says:

    We grow lots of our own veggies over the summer. it is so fun!

  43. Amy J says:

    We use fans at night when it is really hot.
    Amy J recently posted..Canada Day Cloth Diaper GiveawayMy Profile

  44. Melanie Culp says:

    Composting and cloth diapers

  45. We go green by gardening and using the clothesline all summer long (and beyond!)

  46. Angie Madore says:

    We line dry as often as possible. I’m also using this summer as an opportunity to teach my daughter more about recycling by taking her to the recycling center each week.

  47. We keep our current eco-friendly lifestyle all year long but look for ways to cut our electric usage by turning the a/c up a few degrees and hanging all of our laundry out to dry in the hot FL sun!

  48. Tami Nelson says:

    We line dry our diapers!

  49. Erlisha Steadman says:

    Lay by the Creek and turn the AC off!

  50. Beth Norton says:

    We leave the lights off to keep the house cool because we have no AC.

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