Project Pomona Pants Designed for Real Babies & Cloth Diapers

Project Pomona

Does your baby wear cloth diapers?  Do you have a hard time finding pants that fit over their fluffy bum?  Hate having to buy a size up only to have pants way too long?  Then you need Project Pomona!

Oh how I wish I still had a baby in cloth diapers to wear these adorable pants!

Pomona Pants are designed with just a little extra room in the trunk to accommodate a babies diapers (fits both disposable and cloth diapers in the same size).  They have a low rise in the front to make room for those little baby bellies and perhaps the most unique feature is the snapping waist and hip panel.  There are three snaps (similar to the snaps found on cloth diapers) on each waist/hip to adjust to fit your baby perfectly.

I honestly don’t know why the clothing industry hasn’t thought of this yet!  Ever since I can remember baby clothes have those hideous metal snaps that go up the inside of each leg (so you can change diapers easier – as if that’s possible) or elastic waist that may or may not fit your baby.  As they get older and enter the toddler age you may be lucky enough to find the adjustable waist elastic which all of my children have needed (I make skinny waisted babies).  But the snaps on the Pomona are so clean, neat, and pretty!

I did have a chance to view a pair of Pomona’s first hand before I shared them with a friend for her little girl.  They are nicely made and incredibly high quality.  I love that the ankle of each pant is lined with a stylish fabric that can be cuffed for shorter babies (or uncuffed for a little extra growing room).  Such a smart design for our babies that can grow so quickly!

Organic Pomona

New for Spring – the 100% Organic Solid Accent Pomona!

To learn more visit Project Pomona online, Facebook, Twitter, and my favorite…Pinterest! If you are interested in trying a pair of Pomona’s for your little one visit her Etsy store and use coupon code ECOCHIC for free shipping on your order.  Offer may expire at any time.

You can also thank Meghan, the owner of Project Pomona, who has offered up one pair of Pomona pants to one of my readers.  Complete the Rafflecopter steps below to enter between now and the end of May.  Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I received a pair of Pomona pants to review (which I donated to a friend).  The opinions in this post are my own and no other compensation was received.   

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  1. Krystal says

    At this point my 3 month old girl is in a 6 month size pants. I just have to go up a size in pants from her shirts/onsies, since length hasn’t been an issue yet.

  2. leilani bierman says

    So far, it hasn’t seemed to be much of a problem, I guess that we are just buying a size up and don’t have anything else to compare it to =)

  3. Amanda Alvarado says

    Luckily I had a girl and we would just keep her in dresses! When she had to wear pants because of the weather, we would just use leggings or warm ups. Once she was older and only in them overnight, we really didn’t have a problem with PJs not fitting over them.

  4. Kasi says

    I will be cloth diapering my first baby soon, so the experience is new to me, but friends tell me they often have to go up a size in baby clothes because of the cloth diaper!

  5. Maria D. says

    My solution to the problem is to only buy knit, stretchy pants. We have missed out on a lot cute pants this way. :-(

  6. Dana K says

    I have found it most difficult to find khaki/dress pants that fit. They fit when my LO first moves up a size in clothing, but they are the first to get too tight. I usually just move up a size at that point.

  7. Jill M says

    Yes, we have trouble fnding pants that fit over the twins’ cloth diapers. Our “solution” is to just put them is super-big pants, but that means also super long pants. Its an issue, and I’m definitely hoping for a pair of Pomonas to get through the winter months when pants are a must..

  8. susan says

    I haven’t had too many problems with finding pants to fit over my babe’s fluffy bum, but that could be because I normally put him in larger pants … it works okay because I like the longer length on his legs, but if he’s not wearing a onesie, the waist is noticeably big.

  9. Stacey T says

    So far we haven’t had too much trouble since my little one is still little and her diapers are fairly trim and all her pants are stretchy but I know that day is coming.

  10. deltaflute says

    my oldest is skinny, but my youngest….Usually I find pants that are really really stretched out or I just leave his onesie unhooked.

  11. Alycia M says

    Yes I sometimes do. It all depends on the brand. A lot of times I would just put her in stretchy pants or sweatpants.

  12. Sarah L says

    So far we haven’t had problems finding clothes that fit. The cloth diapers actually make everything fit better. My 6 week old is tall with a skinny tummy, so everything seems to fit pretty good right now.

  13. Leann L says

    I do & usually have to buy a size up to fit & roll the cuffs. We also have used cotton/stretchy pants.

  14. Jen c says

    Considering we don’t actually have our first yet :) I don’t have a world saving solution, but since both of us have bubble butts, is be surprised if it isn’t an issue…

  15. Julie says

    Yes, I had trouble fitting clothes over my son’s cloth diapers. His were kinda bulky. I didn’t have as much trouble fitting pants over my daughter’s because she was smaller and I’d found trimmer pocket diapers by then but it was still sometimes an issue. All I could do was buy bigger pants and roll them up (they looked funny) or knit them some longies. These look like a great idea.

  16. Gillian Phillips says

    These are so cute. I actually wanted some for myself. But if I can win some for my son, that would be great, too!

  17. Keri B. says

    I’ve ususally solved the problem by sizing up and the cuffing the bottom of the pants or hemming them.

  18. Amanda DeGregori says

    It is frustrating because my son is actually skinny so a lot of clothes are big on him except some pants. He just wears the ones that are really stretchy.

  19. says

    I haven’t had too much trouble with fit, although there are often times that pants are huge around his waist. Drawstrings help. The hardest part, though, is putting them on – having to hike them over that fluffy butt!

  20. Jackie says

    My son is still pretty young, so I can get away with stretchy, sweatpants-like pants on him. I have some cute jeans for him, but of course they don’t fit over his fluffy butt (they don’t fit comfortably in a disposable either though!)… I would love some Pomonas!

  21. Jessica Hornick says

    I don’t really like jeans on babies because they’re so stiff usually so we stick with cotton pants or leggings. But these are SO cute!

  22. Darien M says

    We either wear a size up or just wear leggings. Unfortunately, by going a size up, it sometimes looks like my son is sagging his pants!

  23. Liesal says

    Not yet because we just started and my baby isn’t wearing much other than sleep sacks and onesies.

  24. Mickie says

    I would love to try these! Hated how clothes fit my son during CDing and going through it again with my daughter.

  25. Kasi says

    We go pantsless around here a LOT! The majority of the time, it’s a shirt {or onesie}, dipe and MLL {My Little Legs}. I would love to win these pants!

  26. hayley says

    for the most part we have been ok so far! i guess he has a skinny but but i know we will soon run into this problem as he turns 3 months


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