Toddlers & Nighttime Potty Training

Lil’ B is now 3 years old (and about 5 months) and we have been potty trained for months now during the day – most of the time.

Yes, we still have the occasional day accident like this past weekend when I was doing laundry.  I went to her room to put away clothes and realized there were a pair of panties on the floor.  Upon further investigation I realized they were wet (fun).  Next up comes the search for ‘the wet spot’ in the house.  Here is how the conversation went.

Me: Bai, do you have panties on?

Bai: Yep (lifts skirt to show me)

Me: Did you pee pee?

Bai: Yeah

Me: Where?

Bai: Over here (points to spot in kitchen)

Me: (Observing that it’s mostly dry) Did you clean it up?

Bai: Yeah, with the towel (points to the kitchen towel sitting on the sink that I JUST finished wiping my hands on)

Me: Oh (sarcastically) I see! (GROSS!!! Quickly rewashes hands after I toss the towel in the laundry!)

Aside from those rare moments we’re still wearing diapers at night!  This means we still use one cloth diaper every day and I am still washing cloth diapers!

What does our toddler *nighttime* cloth diaper routine look like?

  • We saved our 10 favorite cloth diapers and packed up the rest.
  • We’ve added a Super Undies Overnight trainer, Flip trainer, and a few other trainers that we don’t use overnight (sitting in the drawer wasting space).
  • She doesn’t mind putting on a diaper and actually enjoys picking them out.  This weeks favorite has been her ‘soft’ diapers (i.e. itti bitti AIO and SIO d’lish size L).
  • Applecheeks diapers are easy to pull up and down by a toddler so you don’t have to snap/unsnap.
  • I got lazy with washing!!  I’m only washing 1-2 times a week and that wet bag STINKS!! It’s also becoming much harder to get them clean so PLEASE don’t do what I do – do what I say instead!!! Keep up your wash routine every 2-3 days at the most!!
  • 50% of the time we wake up dry!  Wooo Hooo!  The rest of the time I think (not positive) she’s wetting first thing in the morning and just too lazy to go to the bathroom.  Seriously I have a stubborn, lazy, red headed daughter!!
  • I’m not in the least bit worried about nighttime training.
  • My husband thinks I’m hanging on to the cloth diapers because I don’t want to be done with them (he’s wrong – I’m just lazy and know she’ll get it eventually)!

My son was day and night trained all at the same time and MUCH earlier than 3.  She’s just stubborn like I said.  What about you?  Is your tot nighttime trained?  Share your stories because I REALLY want to know that I’m not alone.  

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  1. says

    Oh yes. Eli, our 2nd born has been slower in everything, and I say I try not to compare them, but, I’m human. Eli EC’d starting at about 20 months, but then regressed when we went to visit our inlaws for the holidays. She’s now 3 and does not wear a diaper during the day either! No accidents for about 3 weeks now! Starting in the summer (hopefully sooner) we’re gonna change that. She has woken up with a dry diaper a few times a night and other nights it’s totally soaked.
    Hang in there! You are NOT ALONE!
    CJR @ The Mami Blog
    Cinella recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Flash BackMy Profile

  2. says

    Haha. Been there. My EC’d daughter was out of daytime diapers at 28 months but still needed them at night for another year! (I didn’t really try to EC at night cuz we had way too much trouble with sleep to think about night pottying.) My tip is to wash your diapers with the rest of your laundry. I assume you’re still doing some laundry every couple of days? 😉 And it’s just pee, right? So you just would need to use diaper-safe detergent on all your laundry. I was doing that by that time anyway because I fell in love with soap nuts.

  3. says

    Sterling day trained right at his 2nd birthday. I’m a terrible potty trainer so it was all the Lord’s grace that this happened. I didn’t fully retire the nighttime diaper/trainer until he was 3. Pretty much every time I did NOT put something on him at night he peed, when he was covered he woke up dry. Talk about stubborn.
    autumn beck | all about cloth diapers recently posted..Thirsties Wants to Thank You With Gobs of Prizes!My Profile

  4. Molly says

    My son is guilty of this”…she’s wetting first thing in the morning and just too lazy to go to the bathroom. ” Good thing he is now done with all that training.
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  5. Rachel says

    My daughter (who turned 4 in February), has been night trained for the last 6 weeks. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen! 😉

  6. Katie says

    My daughter is just over 2 and has been potty training for the last 6 months. She has great weeks where we only use 1 or 2 diapers the whole week, but she often regresses. Right now she is back in diapers full time, and likes it even though I put the most uncomfortable diaper on her. Lazy girl!

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