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Confession: I used disposable wipes for the first several months and off-and-on over the past 3 years on my baby girl!

It was our first experience with cloth diapers (which are intimidating at first to all of us) and we just couldn’t embrace cloth wipes full-time.  It was several months after she was born that I slowly began to add cloth wipes to our routine but I still to this day have a pack of disposable wipes in the house.

I actually learned to love cloth wipes and used them almost exclusively most of the time (redundant – maybe) either in our wipes warmer or with a spray solution.  I personally found that spraying the bum and wiping with a cloth wipe to be easier (lazy mom’s way) than the wipes warmer, plus there is no prepping required.  But sometimes I just wanted to pull out a wipe – wipe off the poop – and throw it away!!

Did you know that most disposable wipes contain chemicals that are unsafe for your baby?  Just like baby wash and lotion, some brands of wipes can contain parabens, alcohol, citric acid, perfume, and other chemicals I can’t even pronounce.  These chemicals can cause rashes and long term exposure can be carcinogenic.


Thankfully there are brands that are more natural and kinder on your babies bum.  WaterWipes is a brand from Ireland that consist of 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract on a biodegradable cotton wool.  Free of preservatives and synthetic chemicals.

It’s nice to finally have a brand of wipes that I don’t have to feel guilty about having in the house.  Even though we’re almost potty trained I find myself using wipes to clean up sticky fingers and faces on the go.

For more information watch this short video about WaterWipes and the Great Bottom Campaign.  For every 10 “Likes” WaterWipes gets on Facebook they will donate a pack of WaterWipes to help premature babies.

Disclosure: WaterWipes sent me product to review and no other compensation was received.

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  1. Minnie G. says

    This is also hygienic and good for the baby’s skin. How much do you actually spend for baby wipes in a month? They’re pretty expensive here in our place.

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