5 Family Friendly Activities for Earth Hour

Yesterday I talked about how Earth Hour is a global event on March 31st and how it can be used to help teach your children how to be good environmental stewards.  It’s also a great time to build stronger family bonds.  Here are some activities you can do with or without the kids.

5 Family Friendly Activities for Earth Hour

5 Family Friendly Activities for Earth Hour

  1. Make a statement in your neighborhood by lighting luminaries in your driveway or year.  Have fun with the layout and spell out Earth Hour or the 60+ logo with candles or luminaries.  How many of your neighbors will ask what you are doing?
  2. Have a fondue party by candlelight.  Invite your friends and your child’s friends over for a fun party in the dark.  Serve fresh (local if possible) fruits and vegetables with a cheese fondue or create a fun fondue dessert with marshmallows, strawberries, sprinkles, and graham crackers.
  3. Family game night!  Pick a few of your favorite board games and play them by candlelight.  Candy Land is a great beginners game for toddlers and preschoolers.
  4. Stargazing!  Layout a large quilt or blanket in your yard and spend some time looking at the stars and pointing our your favorite constellations to your kids.
  5. Reconnect with your spouse.  Put your kids to bed early and spend a little quality time with your spouse over a bottle of wine, some aphrodisiac treats, and the moonlight!

Looking for ideas on how to teach your kids the importance of Earth Hour and becoming environmental stewards?  Pocoyo and his friends have a fun recycling game on Facebook.  The Pocoyo team will be planting trees in honor of Earth Hour – just give them a quick “Like” for more information.  Find Pocoyo online, on television, and on your mobile phone.

What other ideas do you have for spending Earth Hour with your family?

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