Green Smoothie Recipes

I must have lost my mind this year! I am eating veggies like they are chocolate!  Why the sudden change?  Earlier this year at my annual physical I found out that my cholesterol is SKY HIGH!  I’m not overweight but I didn’t exercise much before this and I didn’t really pay much attention to what I ate.  I was never a junk food addict but I wasn’t a veggie girl either.  It’s mostly a genetic trait that I was blessed with.  My dads side of the family has all had to battle heart disease (open hear surgeries, stents, blocked arteries, you name it they’ve had it) and it looks like I need to start the fight now myself.

I looked over the list of recommendations from the doctor and about cried at the thought of giving up some of my favorite foods.  I LOVE cheese!  I use to eat it several times a day as a snack.  I also had the opportunity to speak with an amazing nutritionist, Cynthia Sass, at Blissdom and she gave me even more suggestions.  Her biggest recommendation was…are you ready for this one…EAT MORE VEGETABLES!  Cynthia was there on behalf of Centrum vitamins and their new Nutrition Possible website.  The site was pretty cool, you put in what you eat on a normal day and they will tell you what vitamins your body is probably missing.  I left Blissdom with more vitamins that I have taken in the past 5 years!  I’ve never been that great at taking them but now I take several (at least 10) each day.  I have felt so good since taking them and my energy level is through the roof.

I go back for another blood test and follow up next month so hopefully my dietary and vitamin changes are making a difference.  I’ve also started kickboxing class 2-3 days a week at the studio where my oldest takes karate at.  I’ve never been the exercising type but that paired with a healthy diet is just what the doctor ordered (really she did).  I’m even starting to get arm muscles so don’t cross me in a dark alley – I may just give you a jab – cross – hook – uppercut!

This past week I finally decided that I wasn’t getting enough veggies the old fashion way (by eating them with meals) so I started to research green smoothie recipes.  After an exhausting trip to the grocery store my kitchen is fully stocked with all the supplies I need for the week (maybe longer).  Kale – check!  Spinach – check!  Stawberries – check!  Bananas – check!  Chia Seeds – check!  Cucumbers – check!  Melon – check!  Coconut water – check!  Yogurt – check!  Apples – check!  Now what do I do with all of this stuff?

Notes: I don’t measure my smoothies.  I just stuff everything into the blender and add to it until it’s full.

Easy Green Smoothie Recipes

Green Smoothie Recipe #1
1-2 cups of greens (I used Kale first)
1-2 cups of fruits (pick your favorite) – for my first recipe I used honeydew melon and strawberries
1 cup of coconut water
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp of chia seeds
Blend together in a blender (I used the Magic Bullet) – drink – enjoy!

Green Smoothie Recipe #2
1-2 cups of greens (I used baby spinach for this one)
1-2 cups of fruits (I used 1 apple, 1/2 banana, and a few strawberries)
1 cup of coconut water
1 cup of yogurt
1 tsp of chia seeds
Blend together – drink – enjoy!
*The apples in this one made it kind of grainy.  It was still good but it had a funny texture.  I like the spinach better than the kale personally.

Green Smoothie Recipe #3
1-2 cups of greens (Kale)
1-2 cups of fruits (strawberries)
1/2 a cucumber (peeled)
1 cup of coconut water
1 cup of yogurt
1 tsp of chia seeds
Blend together – drink – enjoy!

I’ve also tried these with blueberries too!  The actual color of the smoothie will vary by the ingredients you use.  If you like things sweeter – add a little honey.  I found the kale to be chunkier in the blender which is probably why I liked the spinach better.  I was honestly surprised at how easy they are to make and how good they actually taste.  The fruit adds the sweetness that I crave while the greens add the fiber that my heart needs.  The chia seeds are also filled with fiber and don’t really add any extra flavor to the mix.  I can finally say that I’m eating enough vegetables each day – and my kids are starting to be more adventurous as well.  Just tonight my son asked me to make kale chips for his lunch tomorrow.

What about you?  Do you eat your veggies?  How about your kids?  Have a recipe you think I should try?  Please share it in the comments below!

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  1. says

    We do eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I’ve recently started making green smoothies too – I love ones with cilantro! I try to substitute mushrooms or zucchini for part of the meat, and make sure we’re only eating organic meat now (that means less meat for the money, so substituting more organic veggies). I feel so much better when I eat more veggies!
    Chrystal @ Happy Mothering recently posted..Wholly Guacamole #Giveaway Hop with Prizes from Uncommon Goods, Zevia & Beanitos #WhollyGuacHopMy Profile

  2. says

    Calley, Green smoothies are a great additional way to get those glorious green leafy veggies into your body and your family’s as well. I started making green smoothies 2 years ago for my family and they enjoy them often now. Using Kale and Chard can be difficult to grind unless you use a high-powered blender like the Vitamix or Blendtec. But I started out with an Osterizer myself years ago and those little pieces of kale really got me “chewing” my smoothie a bit and that helps release the necessary enzymes needed to additionally break down the “food” for easy digestion. Another tip is to drink your smoothies first before eating other meals, since digestion is quicker, you don’t want to have solid food breaking down while this smoothie comes rushing in. I usually serve my kids theirs first thing in the morning and then when they are ready for school, give them bulkier food to fill their bellies. Your recipes are simple and I will pass them on to my clients who are willing to try blending their veggies and fruits. Thanks.

  3. Amie' says

    I like to add spinach, broccoli or kale, flax seed, parsley and a green apple with enough water to cover. This is not sweet, but it tastes very fresh and gives me tons of energy. I also like to mix carrots, celery, green apple, cilantro and water. This a sweeter smoothie. My kids like one with mango, strawberries, peaches, flax seed, spinach and almond milk.

  4. Kristen says

    Thanks for the yummy recipes! I never thought about adding veggies (i.e. Kale & Spinach) into my “fruit” smoothies. And, I’ve been wondering how apples would taste…

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