5 Things I’m Looking Forward to at Blissdom 2012

I'm Going, Y'all! - Blissdom In just a few short weeks I’ll be boarding a plane and heading North to Nashville for my second Blissdom conference.  Last year I decided on a whim to go and it was the best decision I made all year.  I actually learned so many valuable lessons last year that I can hardly wait to see what I will learn this year.  I’m excited to see that they have revamped their schedule this year too.  For those who have never been to Blissdom or for those who may be going for the first time here are a few things I’m really looking forward to…

5 Things I’m Looking Forward to at Blissdom 2012

  1. NEW! Handmade Marketplace – I need to remember to bring some cash and be ready to shop!  I can’t wait to see what these creative moms have in store for me.  It will be like shopping on Etsy only in person – I think I may get in a little bit of trouble.  Perhaps I will find some inspiration for some craft projects of my own or perhaps I’ll find some new site sponsors.  Only time will tell.  This will be taking place Thursday afternoon so as soon as my flight lands I’ll be heading over to the Marketplace.
  2. Business Track Sessions – Since I’m now working in Social Media full time I can really learn some lessons in this track.  The 2 sessions I’m looking forward to here are the Legal Confidence and the Facebook sessions.
  3. Mobile Photography Session – OK, I’m going to have to choose between Facebook and Mobile Photography because I really want to do both.  I’m addicted to my iPhone (even if it is an old 3GS) and I’m constantly taking photos and posting to Instagram.
  4. Lorax Party Friday Night!!!  I’m an eco-junkie so of course I’m excited about seeing the Lorax and having a themed party around the movie is going to be so much fun!  Maybe I should come up with a clever little outfit for the evening.  Hmmmm….
  5. Networking and Connecting!  I really had the opportunity to make some amazing connections last year and meet up with some old friends (and some new friends).  The difference between Blissdom and BlogHer (the only 2 conferences I’ve attended) is that at Blissdom you can really make those lasting relationships with brands, companies, and some amazing bloggers/writers/photographers!  Everyone is so welcoming that I can’t wait to see some of the people I met last year and make some new friends.

Now I just need to organize some friends locally to help the hubs with drop off and pick up at school.  I’m pretty sure I can sweet talk some of my friends to help us out for a day or two.

This year I’m going to Blissdom for myself and my job.  DiaperShops.com is sponsoring part of my trip and I’m super excited to share my passion for cloth diapers with new friends.  I would love to find a few non-cloth diapering parents (or parents to be) who would be interested in giving cloth diapers a try – I might even be able to provide you with part of your fluffy stash (slang for diapers) if you’re up for the challenge!  Let me show you just how similar cloth diapers are to disposables and how you can save money, help protect the environment, and provide a healthier, more natural diapering system for your baby.

Are you going to Blissdom?  I’d love to connect with you!  Leave me a comment here, visit me on Facebook, or send me a Tweet and I’ll be sure to add you to my ‘must meet’ list at Blissdom.  15 days and counting….

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