Eco-Crafting Tutorial: How to Make a Wreath Using a Queen Sz. Sheet

Eco-Crafting Tutorial_1Eco-Crafting Tutorial: How to Make a Wreath Using a Queen Size Sheet

Supplies: One wire wreath form (or any wreath form), one queen size sheet, one pair of scissors

Time: 1-2 hrs for a large wreath

You can reuse or upcycle with any fabric. I found the perfect color sheet at the local thrift store to match the color of my little girls room for only $3.00. There weren’t any stains on it but even if there were some minor staining you could still use it for this project. Solids or prints, both would work fine. If I had found a chocolate brown and ivory sheet that day I would probably have used all 3 and alternated the colors in the wreath. You can also use fabric scraps from old t-shirts or any fabric remnants that you have. Just be sure you have a LOT of scraps. I used the entire queen size sheet for a large wreath form. Total cost: Less than $5.00


-Cut the fabric into equal sized strips. Our strips were approximately 1-1.5″ wide and 6-9″ long. Be sure to cut the strips to about the same size or you’ll end up with an uneven looking wreath.

-Tie each strip onto the wreath form with a simple knot. I only tied a single knot but a double knot would prevent them from coming undone later. It’s not a piece that will get handled a lot so a single knot is fine for my purposes.

-Continue tying strips to the wire wreath form working to fill in as much space as possible. The entire process took me a little more than an hour to complete (after the kids were in bed). It’s a good project to do while watching television of chatting with family and friends.

-Embellish. You can add any additional embellishments if you like. Painted wooden or cardboard lettering would be cute hanging in the middle of your wreath with a coordinating ribbon.

-Hang up and Enjoy! I used a simple over the door wreath hanger. You could even add a ribbon if you want it to hang lower.

Fabric scrap wreath

fabric scrap wreath

For more eco-crafting tutorials and tips check out my archives where I completed this project using old t-shirts on a much smaller scale. Have you completed a project seen here? Share it with me on Facebook. I’d love to see your pictures!

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