Happy 3rd Birthday Lil’ B

How is it possible that my Lil’ B is actually turning THREE years old tomorrow?

The Eco Chic Kids

Just a few minutes after we introduced him to his baby sister for the first time.

The Eco Chic Kids

January 2009

First Cloth Diaper

First photo in a cloth diaper!  bumGenius 3.0 – February 2009

TheEcoChic Birthday

January 2010 – 1st Birthday

Yes, I made the tutto to match the top.

TheEcoChic Birthday 2

January 2011 – 2nd Birthday

TheEcoChic Lil' B

Last picture as I kissed my tot goodnight on the eve of her 3rd birthday!

(Photographic evidence that mommy needs a new iPhone with flash!  Oh, and yes – she does have a fat lip from the weekend just in time for birthday photos!)

Happy Birthday Lil’ B! You’ll always be my little baby!

Remember how we said goodnight when she turned two?  We officially gave up the boob (breastfeeding)!  She never looked back but she does still remember that milk came from mommies boobies.  She’ll be happy to tell you all about it if you ask her.


OK – I’m going to go shed a few tears as I look through more photos.  Oh, and I have a big surprise celebration for you in the morning!  You are following me on Facebook, right?

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