Hiney Lineys Versa Cloth Diapering System

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Hiney Lineys

Hiney Lineys!

I have found another new cloth diapering system that I want to share with you.  Do you like covers and pre-folds but want the stay-dry option that pockets provide you?  Then you’ll love Hiney Lineys!

The Hiney Lineys system is a 3 part system (sometimes referred to as an all-in-three or AI3) consisting of the Versa cover, snap in Liney, and an insert.  Let’s talk about each piece individually:

Versa Cover:  Available in one-size, newborn, or toddler/big kig sizes the cover is very similar to most diaper covers on the market.  It is available in both hook & loop and in a side snapping option.  The one-size diaper offers a 2 step rise adjusting snap.  The one-size diaper is rated at 12-35lbs and I think that’s very accurate to how it will fit (my tot is 25-ish pounds and it fits nicely with some extra room to grow).  The cover is made of water-proof PUL (outside) and wipe-able nylon (inside).  This cover can be used alone as you would use any diaper cover or can be used with the Liney system.

Snap-In Liney:  What is a Liney??  It’s a snap-in polyester stay-dry suedecloth layer that fits into the Versa cover.  It’s an optional piece but when paired with the Versa cover will provide a nice layer of fabric between your baby and the insert that will keep his/her bum super dry and soft.  It’s similar to a layer of suedecloth that is present in your favorite pocket diaper but snaps in so you can reuse the cover at changing time (assuming that the cover is not soiled).  Ideally you would have more Lineys in your stash than you would covers.  As an extra bonus the Liney is available in a nice tan color so you’ll never see those pesky stains again (you know those tiny stains that you just can’t get out – we all have them).  How does the Liney snap in to the cover?  There are two snaps in the front and two snaps in the back and they simply snap into the cover.  It’s very simple to do – even for dads and daycares.

Inserts:  Hiney Lineys has 2 different snap in inserts.  They each snap on to the Liney in the front and lay behind the Liney.  The insert that I have is made of Indian Cotton – 18 layers total in 3 pads that are sewn together at the end.  Being sewn together like this aides in the drying time.  If you use the system with a cover, a Liney and a snap in insert you can have all of the pieces attached and ready to go just like any pocket diapering system so it’s just as easy for dads and daycare’s as it is for you.

It’s “Versa”-tile!  One of the common things that I notice after parents start using cloth diapers is that they become very particular about their inserts.  Some parents love pre-folds and flats because they are so cost effective and flexible.  Other parents prefer hemp for their heavy wetters.  Still many parents use a combination of inserts to find that perfect absorbency for their child.  The Hiney Lineys Versa system offers you this flexibility.  You don’t have to use the Lineys or the inserts and you aren’t forced to buy the complete system – you decide how to use it.  Many parents love pre-folds and flats but would like to add a stay dry layer to keep their babies rash free and dry.  The Hiney Lineys system does just that.  It truly is a “Versa”-tile system.  

Want one more reason to love the Hiney Lineys system??  They are made in Maine – right here in the USA!  It’s a family owned and operated business and the owner Sheila is a fabulous lady.

(Note:  I have a very active toddler who is protesting photos these days.  Once I capture her in her Hiney Lineys I’ll be sure to share it with you here.)

Where to buy?  Hiney Lineys are now available at Kelly’s Closet.

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Disclosure:  I received a Hiney Lineys Versa System for testing purposes for this review.  No other compensation was received and my opinions are my own.



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