My Mommy is a Booger…I Mean Blogger!

Have you ever tried to sit down and explain to your kids what a blogger is?  Why you spend all day on Facebook?  Why you have parties on Twitter? Then you need a copy of “My Mommy is a Blogger” by Sommer Poquette (Green and Clean Mom).  I finally broke down and ordered my own personal copy and decided to keep it for my kids for Christmas so they haven’t read it yet.  While they haven’t read it I had to sneak a peek for myself.

OMG – I was laughing hysterically as I was reading it.  I was afraid that I was going to wake up the kids and they’d see me reading it and want to see what was so funny.  Sommers’ kids are about the same age as mine so I think I’ve had some of these same conversations with my kids (and my hubby).  I think next year for the Great American Teach In I’m going to convince my kids teacher to let me come in and read “My Mommy is a Blogger” and explain to them what I do for a living.

If you are a blogger and have elementary age kids I think your kids would really enjoy this story.  It’s well written and I love the cute illustrations.  If you order now there may still be time to get an autographed copy sent in time for the holidays.  If you order from her website, Sommer will package your book herself in recycled paper (I think mine was in a brown bag or shipping paper).

I can’t wait to read this with my kids and get their reactions!!

My Mommy is a Blogger

To find out more about Sommer and her book:

Green and Clean Mom blog

My Mommy is a Blogger

Sommer on Facebook

Disclosure:  I paid for my copy of the book and was in no way influenced to write this post.  I am an affiliate for the book so if you make a purchase using the links above I earn a small percentage of the sale to keep the lights on around this blog.  Thank you in advance if you choose to make a purchase using my link.  XOXO!

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