Tie on a Tushie Ties Cloth Diaper & Win

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Have you heard of Tushie Ties yet? They aren’t new but they are a small mom owned and operated company that is local to my area (Tampa Bay, FL).  I had the honor of meeting Crystal (the owner) in the spring at the Great Cloth Diaper Change Tampa Bay.  In fact, we’re already planning to work together on the 2012 GCDC and have some big surprises in store for our local friends.

I had coffee a few months back with Crystal and she offered me one of her diapers to test out.  If you know me I love new diapers but I usually stick with pockets and simple diapers.  The Tushie Tie diaper is similar to a prefold but instead of using a pin or snappi you tie it on with a piece of ribbon that is sewn on the diaper.  The ribbon is sewn on the front and there are two small reinforced holes at the top.  You lay the diaper down like a prefold (angel fold style) and simple lace the ribbon through the holes and tie it on.  It’s actually quite simple and it looks adorable once it’s on.  There is no PUL on the diaper so you will need a cover with these.

The standard (or original) Tushie Ties are made from a Bamboo Velour that is super soft next to the babies skin and so absorbent.  Since they are similar to a prefold you can fold them any way you like. Here is a quick video shared from Crystal about how to use the Tushie Ties.

If you can’t see the video here is the link: http://youtu.be/A46Vne3i7Zo


Since we’ve been potty training we’ve only used our Tushie Ties at night and I’ve been super impressed with how well they kept her dry.  We did receive an extra bamboo velour doubler (sold separately) that we use at nights and it certainly helps for those toddler nights.  Like I said earlier – I’m not a huge prefold girl so I don’t have much experience folding and fitting them.  It took me a few practice rounds with Lil’ B to feel comfortable with the fit.  I always ended up with droopy legs that didn’t fit well inside the cover but after talking with Crystal (and a few more practice rounds) I’ve finally mastered the prefold and the Tushie Tie.  If you’ve used prefolds in any capacity you’ll have no problem at all with the Tushie Tie from day one!

The original Tushie Tie comes in a wide variety of ribbon patterns and colors and since it’s a small company I’m pretty sure you could talk Crystal into customizing your ribbon to match just about anything.  In addition to the regular Tushie Ties, Crystal also makes an economy line called the Simplicity.  It’s the same exact diaper but in a cotton fleece lycra (90% cotton) instead of bamboo.  The original sells for $15 each and the Simplicity for $7.99 each!!  Not bad for natural fibers if you ask me.  You can also purchase the doublers in a 3 pack for only $12.  I’ve actually used the doubler in just about every nighttime diaper we have – including our new FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainer!!

Here are some vintage iPhone pics that I was able to capture before bedtime one night.  They are soft focused on purpose to try and disguise the messy bedroom! LOL!

Tushie Ties Cloth Diaper

Tushie Ties Cloth Diapers

Tushie Ties Cloth Diapers

Tushie Ties Cloth DiapersI just love this last one – it reminds me of a very old cloth diaper photo!

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Disclosure: I received a one-size bamboo tie on Tushie Ties cloth diaper and doubler for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received and the opinions in this post are my own. Giveaway fulfillment is direct from the sponsoring company and not from me.

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33 Responses to Tie on a Tushie Ties Cloth Diaper & Win

  1. Audra says:

    I love how simple these diapers seem to use!
    Audra recently posted..Cloth Diaper Blogging OppMy Profile

    • Amie says:

      They are so cute I love the ribbons and that you can use a doubler so you can have your LO run around with out a cover at home.

  2. Carrie K says:

    I love the convenience of not having to get a snappi or safety pin. Ingenious!

  3. I like diapers I can use without a cover and let air get to my boys tushies!
    Jennifer Crum recently posted..Nap TimeMy Profile

  4. Sarah P says:

    Interesting! I’d love to try these.

  5. holly n says:

    I’d love to try..my son will not lay still for a snappi and struggles too much for safety pins. He forced us into using pockets only but I love prefolds..so I really want to try Tushie Ties.:)

  6. I’d love to try them because they look so easy to use.
    Jeniffer @ Sisters ‘N Cloth recently posted..Always Her Mommy: A Tired Mom’s Sleep ConfessionalMy Profile

  7. Megan Fowler says:

    I’d loe to try these because I love prefolds but hate having to use pins or snappis!

  8. anji beane says:

    I love that they’re made of bamboo and look really easy to use!
    anji beane recently posted..Blog Moms Needed to Review Cloth Diaper Products – Count me in!My Profile

  9. Milagreta says:

    I love that this seems easy to use :)

  10. Carolyn H says:

    I love that they’re made of bamboo. I’m a big fan of bamboo, it’s so absorbent!

  11. Arlene Atkins says:

    Would LOVE to try these!

  12. Arlene Atkins says:

    Bamboo is wonderful!

  13. Dana says:

    I love not having to keep up with a snappi or pins!

  14. Cathy TOlentino says:

    I love that they are made of Bamboo. I’m a big fan of using natural fibers.

  15. lace says:

    I like that it comes with ties and there’s no pins or snappis to loose.

  16. Mikala Miller says:

    I use prefolds, and these look a little bit cuter :)

  17. Cinella says:

    These are adorable… why hadn’t we thought of this before!
    I love how easy it looks to put on.
    Cinella recently posted..Saturday To-Do ListMy Profile

  18. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I have a NB one of these and I LOVE how soft they are! The bamboo is the best!

  19. Laura Morris says:

    I like the cute ribbon! :-)

  20. Nancy Ludka says:

    I Love how simple they are and made of bamboo.

  21. Limor C says:

    I like how you don’t need anything extra to fasten it together.

  22. I love the simplicity but just knowing that it’s from a true cloth diaper user and maker I know they will work way better then what the lady at the box store tried to insist to me was cloth diapers. (that’s a whole other comment and a half LOL)
    Alaina Frederick recently posted..Jimmy Kimmel Proves Parenting Skills are LackingMy Profile

  23. Laurie C says:

    I like that the only other thing you need is a cover.

  24. I like the Bamboo velour :) so soft.
    Vanessa Coker recently posted..Eco Baby Mama Drama – Oh Katy one sized cloth diaperMy Profile

  25. Follow on Google + as Ps Mamae
    Vanessa Coker recently posted..Eco Baby Mama Drama – Oh Katy one sized cloth diaperMy Profile

  26. Sari Berry says:

    Love the ribbon ties!

  27. Marcella Cook says:

    I love how you can tie them…this is unique and I would love to try it

    Marcella Cook
    emmerswee at gmail dot com

  28. SnKmommy says:

    I think that you could get a more custom fit by being able to tie it

  29. Jodi J says:

    I think that maybe even my husband could manage a prefold if it was a Tushie Ties diaper

  30. Jennifer G says:

    I love how I wouldnt have to search for a snappi!

  31. Shannon says:

    I would love to try them please o please

  32. Velma Samu says:

    Lol, so where did my first comment go?

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