Diapering Today – the Video Review

What type of learner are you? Do you learn things best by reading them?  Or are you an auditory or visual learner?  I actually learn best by watching videos and seeing pictures (or touching the real product).  That is one reason that cloth diapering can be so intimidating to many parents.  While some brick and mortar stores exist most of us learn about cloth diapering online and shop online.  It’s very challenging to learn about the different diapers and how to actually use them until you get them in your hands.  Nevermind all the crazy terminology and techniques that come along with it.

Enter The Willow Store and Catherine Bolden. Her and her family decided that they would create an instructional video, Diapering Today, that would help parents understand cloth diapering from a real parents perspective.  They used local cloth diapering parents (young and old) to share their personal experiences as if they were sitting in the room with you.  You almost get the feel that by the end of the video these families are your friends.  I especially love the little old couple who talk about the history of diapering and how things have changed over the years.

Mixed in with their personal stories and testimonies are short tutorials on the terms, techniques for using cloth diapers, accessories, and more.

The video is easy to navigate and is broken down into small chapters based on the different topics:

  • Why choose cloth diapers?
  • How to use cloth diapers
  • Types of cloth diapers
  • Getting started
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Washing
  • Accessories
  • Potty Training
  • Cloth on a budget
  • Terms
  • Evolution of diapers
  • Resources
  • and so much more!

Each chapter is only about 10-15 minutes in length so you can watch them at your leisure without losing your spot.  This would be a great resource to share with a friend or expectant mom (or dad) to show them just how easy cloth diapering can be. Catherine (and myself for that matter) believes that education is key! The more informed parents are of their choices the better decisions they can make for themselves and their families.

How can you use this video?

  • As a baby shower gift
  • To share with friends, family, and other caregivers about how and why you cloth diaper
  • For a doula, birthing center, pediatrician, OBGYN, etc
  • As a cloth diapering class or by a retailer who is fortunate enough to have a brick & mortar store

There are a million more ways to use the video.  How many can you think of?

Want to win a copy of the video? Want to win a gift certificate or cloth diapers?  Join us Tuesday, November 29th at 9pm ET for a Diapering Today Twitter Party with The Willow Store!  Our special guest sponsors for the evening are Kelly Wels, itti bitti, and Diaper Shops who have all donated additional prizes for you!  We hope to see you there.

For information about the prizes and how to enter: http://ecochicparties.theecochic.com/2011/11/diapering-today-holiday-twitter-party/

Guess what else?  You’ll catch a glimpse of me, The Eco Chic, in the video several times!  I feel so stupid watching myself on video and wish I had a Hollywood hair and makeup artist to help me out!  But then I guess it wouldn’t be ‘real life’ would it?!

Disclosure:  A copy of the video was received free of charge for my work on this project.  The Twitter Party is a sponsored campaign.  I would promote the video and the sponsors regardless!

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