Dear Mrs. P,

A few days ago I told you that I was going to my sons school for the Great American Teach In.  On Friday he came home with a handful of Thank You cards all decorated by his classmates.  I wanted to share a few of them with you:


Dear Mrs. P, Thanks for visiting. I never new that glass dose not disinagreat, thats so cool. I’ll tell my step mom about the re-use able dippers. Sincerly, Marissa

Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for helping our class how to reycle. Sinsily Jaquan


Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for speaking and for teaching us about reduce reuse and rescyle aslo refuse. Sincerly Chloe

Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for teaching me all about reciciling.  My most favirt part was that it can take a straw 500 years to incinegret. Sincerly, Jimmy

Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for coming to teach about recycling. Sincerely, Peter

Dear Mrs. P, I never knew dipers could be reused! I though one baby could use less than 20 dipers a day! Thank you for teaching me! From Abby


Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for all the things you tote us but my favorite was when we talked about the straws.  Thanks, Sincerely, Kali

Dear Mrs. P,  Thank you for teaching us about your job. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Sarah

Thank you

Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for coming in the room and the part I liked the most was when you said glass was recycled. Sincerely, Jordan

Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for teaching us how to rycicle glas, plastick, and all those other things. Sinsirly, Harold

Recycle Every Day

Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for tiching me how to yous stuf. If you recyle you can make new thies and what i lern is that you can make things out of recyle. Thank you. Sincerly, Hope

Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for thaching me of how to recaikle prosas. Sincerely, Tyler

Thank you

Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for teaching us about recicling. I learned about the 4r. Sincerely, Paris

Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for teaching about resikaling, and glass never gos awhy. Sinsely, Noah

These all made me smile.  I especially love the few who said thank you for teaching them about reusable diapers.  The children are our future.  We should teach them well.

I copied their words exactly as they were spelled since I think it adds to the charm.  This is from a classroom of 3rd grade students.

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