2011 Diaper Awards – Vote Now!

Do you have a favorite cloth diaper?  Favorite accessory?  Favorite retailer?

2011 Diaper AwardsA fellow blogger and mom of two, Tara from Padded Tush Stats, has opened up the voting for the 2011 Diaper Awards and guess what? I was nominated as Cloth Diaper Resource of the Year! No kidding, I was nominated along with several of my great bloggy friends.

If you feel so inclined and can possibly choose just one of us – hopefully me – we’d all appreciate your time.  Voting is open to anyone who has cloth diapered a baby or child in the last year and voting ends on December 15th.

Why do I feel like I deserve your vote? Well the competition is quite stiff this year but I have dedicated the last 2+ years to educating you about cloth diapers, how to use them, and answering your most common questions.  I spend almost every waking hour thinking about cloth diapers – maybe that’s just a sad little fact I shouldn’t share with you!

If you’ve found any of my resources here helpful I think that’s reason enough to vote for me.  Want to read some of my favorite articles from the last year to remind you how wonderful I am??

To Vote: http://paddedtushstats.com/2011/11/01/padded-tush-stats-2011-diaper-awards-voting-is-now-open/

Thanks in advance for your kindness – I’ll still love you even if you don’t vote for me!

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