Why Do I Host Twitter Parties?

Cloth Diapers Over 2 years ago when I coordinated my first Twitter Party it was to spread the word about modern cloth diapers.  I had joined forces with the Real Diaper Association for an Earth Day celebration.  After that first party I had a few small parties with some cloth diapering companies (and even a few eco-minded companies) to help promote their brand or retail location.  It was a fun way to use social media to raise brand awareness and I am good at it.  I’ve learned a lot over the past 2 years and I don’t host them as often as I use to.  This is mostly due the lack of spare time in the evenings to market myself to new companies.  I mostly rely on word of mouth marketing and it’s worked fairly well for me.  It’s also a nice way to monetize my blog and it’s helped me be able to network within the cloth diapering community.

While writing up a summary of last nights Changing Diapers (#changingdiapers) party I realized there is a bigger reason behind why I host Twitter Parties.  Here is what I realized:

One of the fun parts of partying with Kelly is watching as the community joins together to celebrate a common cause – spreading the word about cloth diapers.  I know that most people join for a chance to win a fabulous prize like the iPad or to add a few cloth diapers to your stash but for me it’s more than that.  When we join forces our voices amplify and reach thousands of people in one hour who may not be aware of the modern cloth diapering ‘movement’ that exists today.  Because we don’t just tweet to those following the hashtag of the hour – we also tweet to all of our followers.  Even if we each inspire just one person to research and try cloth diapers that’s 400 new people introduced to cloth diapering.  That’s pretty impressive for one hour don’t you think?  - Excerpt from Eco Chic Parties blog post 10/19/11

In the process I’ve been blessed to make some really good friendships with bloggers, retailers, and manufacturers within the industry.  I’ve also been blessed to make social media and marketing my full time job.  I mean honestly how many people can say they get paid to talk about diapers all day?

So why do I host Twitter Parties? Because I can help “change the world, one fluffy bum at a time!” (Quote from Kelly Wels)

Why do you attend Twitter Parties??  Is it for the prizes or is there more to it for you?

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2 Responses to Why Do I Host Twitter Parties?

  1. Mindy says:

    I used to attend twitter parties more for the chatting and comrade. Now I generally join in more for the prizes. This isn’t to say that I don’t still enjoy connecting with people or that I don’t appreciate all of the work you do to promote cloth diapering or what the businesses have to offer. Sometimes I feel like what used to be an open community about sharing info and everyday experiences is becoming more a place for experts and promotion. I see more giveaway only blogs and products being reviewed by the same people, same blogs. I get that the community is simply growing and this is bound to happen – how can retailers possibly meet the demand for reviews/giveaways/advice, etc.? Also, some bloggers dedicate valuable time and energy to positioning themselves as experts and creating a niche for themselves. But sometimes I miss what it was like a few years ago when there felt like less of an “in” crowd. You were more likely to just run across another everyday Jane on her blog telling you what she thought of a diaper she was thrilled to get the chance to review.
    Twitter parties are a great way to personalize businesses a bit and help get info out. I also love the chance to win prizes. But I do wish they were a more structured conversation about cloth diapers and green living so I could connect more and come away feeling more educated and/or inspired.
    All that being said, maybe it’s just me. There’s probably a part of me that is envious that I haven’t created that niche for myself. I also don’t have as much time to connect on twitter as I used to with 3 kids, so that probably also plays a part.
    Obviously, people come back because they enjoy themselves and appreciate all that you do – including me. You are wonderful and I appreciate your efforts to help create a cohesive cloth diapering community.

  2. Terri Babin says:

    First, I have to say thank you for all that you do for the cloth diapering community in organizing these amazing Twitter parties, keeping up with your blog and managing multiple social media jobs! I can only hope that some day, I will be able to make half the impact, and achieve some of the successes that you have! Getting paid to talk about cloth diapers all day would be my dream job!

    So in short, no I do not attend Twitter parties just for the prizes (although they are an added perk!); I participate to learn from the best, connect with industry leaders, get to know other cloth diapering mamas and help share my cloth diapering knowledge in hopes of making a small difference within the cloth diapering community.

    ~Terri Babin
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