#changingdiapers Party Summary & Winners List

Did you attend last nights Twitter Party with Kelly Wels and our massive team of sponsors and blog ambassadors?  I hope that you were able to keep up because the party moved very fast.  We had over 400 active participants at the party and tweeted over 2,000 times during our party hour (over 3,000 during the day) so don’t sweat if you felt like you missed something – we all did!

One of the fun parts of partying with Kelly is watching as the community joins together to celebrate a common cause – spreading the word about cloth diapers.  I know that most people join for a chance to win a fabulous prize like the iPad or to add a few cloth diapers to your stash but for me it’s more than that.  When we join forces our voices amplify and reach thousands of people in one hour who may not be aware of the modern cloth diapering ‘movement’ that exists today.  Because we don’t just tweet to those following the hashtag of the hour – we also tweet to all of our followers.  Even if we each inspire just one person to research and try cloth diapers that’s 400 new people introduced to cloth diapering.  That’s pretty impressive for one hour don’t you think?

I know you all want to see who won the prizes right?  You can view the complete list of winners by their Twitter handle by clicking on our WINNERS link.  Our sponsors have been notified that you are the winner and have received your mailing address and email address.  If you don’t receive your prize in about two weeks please reach out to the sponsor directly.  They should be getting all of the prizes sent out within the next 7 business days.

Want to read the transcript from last night to see what you missed?  You can view all 212 pages of Tweets (granted the first 44 are pre-party advertorial tweets)?  Click on our TRANSCRIPT link and enjoy.

Join us next week as we party with DiaperShops.com and more great sponsors for our 2nd annual Fluff ‘N Treat party!  Last year we had over 700 guests!!!  Are you ready for another busy night?  RSVP here: http://www.theecochic.com/2011/10/2nd-annual-diapershops-com-fluff-n-treat-fluffntreat-twitter-party-1025/


Finally one last special thank you to our sponsors who have donated the fabulous gifts you see listed above.  Please be sure to thank them by “Liking” them, “Following” them, and letting them know how much we love them!



Best Bottoms


Cotton Babies


@ JenniferLabit



itti bitti


JuJu Monkey



Planet Wise


Rockin Green




Tiny Tush

Tushie Ties

Cushy Tushy Bum


Eco Sprout Soap


We’d also like to thank our team of bloggers who have also donated towards the Grand Prizes of the iPad and Nook!  We love how the community has bonded together to show Kelly our support!  Please thank them by visiting their blogs, Facebook pages, and by following them on Twitter.  We all love a few more friends.








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