Trash to Treasure Halloween Wreath – Inspired by Pinterest

A few weeks ago I shared with you a pin-spiration project that was found while searching Pinterest for hours on end.  A few days later the boy and I made a trip to our local craft store to pick up the wire form needed to complete the project.  I ended up with 2 large wire wreath forms and 2 small forms.  We experimented with the small form first, here is our progress:

Trash to Treasure Halloween Wreath Tutorial (with pictures):

fabric scraps

First start with a pile of fabric and/or t-shirt scraps and select the color scheme for your wreath.  Since this is a Halloween theme we went with oranges, purples, blacks, greens, yellow, and a few old Halloween scraps.

Project Tools

The tools we used for the project were very simple – a wire wreath form, a pair of scissors, and fabric.  We didn’t use anything else for our project and it was very kid friendly.

Fabric Strips

Cut your fabric into strips about 1″ in width.  The length of the strips depends on the size of your form.  Using a small form our strips were about 4-6″ in length (no need to be exact here you can always cut them shorter if they are too long).

Step 1

The next step is to begin knotting the scraps of fabric onto your wire form.  You can tie them on one wire or multiple wires at a time.  I tried to vary the pattern so it would give it a very random look in the final project.

Wreath Tutorial

Continue tying pieces of fabric around your wire form alternating the colors until the wreath is to your desired fullness.  I packed them on pretty tight to give it a full and poofy look in the end.


This is the view from the backside of the wreath showing the patterns and knots.  Some pieces were double knotted while others were only a single knot.

My littlest helper

Yes, I did let the kids help with this project.  Lil’ B enjoyed playing with the fabric scraps and organized them into pretty stacks.

Kids wreath project

The boy got his own wreath and fabric scraps and wrapped them around a bit differently than mine.  He left some of the wire form exposed and it actually looked quite nice.  I try not to dictate how they complete their projects too much…(takes a LOT of strength to not try and make things perfect – i.e. “My Way!”)

Finished Wreath

Once I finished tying the pieces onto the form I gave it a bit of a haircut to try and even out the pieces.  Working on such a small form it looked like a giant pom pom when I was done so I decided to add a little accessory.

tshirt scrap wreath halloween

Voila!  Happy Halloween!


I need to find some pink t-shirt scraps for the larger wire forms.  I want to make one to go in Lil’ B’s big girl room when I get ready to redecorate.  Anyone have any pink tshirt scraps they want to send me??

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    What a creative, eco-friendly project, I love it! I can certainly relate with having a hard time letting the kidlets do crafts ” their way”. I may have to give this project a try, we need some fresh Halloween decorations! I’m sure I have plenty of outgrown pink baby clothes I could send your way too, I’ll see what I can come up with :)

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