The Light at the End of the Potty Training Tunnel

Yes, I think I see the light at the end of this very long potty training tunnel.  It’s been a really good week for us.

This past week she made it almost every day in the same outfit.  The only time she had accidents were near misses when she made it to the bathroom but missed the toilet.  I think she’s even making it through nap time dry!

We’re getting there.  We still struggle with the post-school, dinner time, witching hour! I think she had accidents almost every night right before dinner because we’re just so busy getting dinner ready that we forget to remind her.

Out and About:
This past Friday I decided to drive up to my parents (about 2 hours away).  I put a diaper cover over her big girl panties in case we had an accident in the car.  When we got to our destination she was DRY! I think I was a little shocked and extremely proud!  We’re still sleeping in a diaper (don’t think we’re there yet).  She’s GREAT at going potty before bedtime because it’s a legitimate excuse to put off bed AND get a treat!  Oye!  First diaper change in the morning she’s not always in the ‘mood’ for the potty but we’re working on it.  Saturday she made it all day out and about at my parents in her big girl panties – no accidents! I got really brave and decided to skip the cover for the car ride home – SUCCESS!

Today was ok but we took most of the day off from potty training.  She had a poop in the afternoon but told me immediately.  Once the church day was over and we were back at home for a few hours we switched back to trainers and she did great.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a good week.  Of course then I have to put a LOT of faith in the hubs because later this week I leave for almost 7 days and it’s all up to him.  I pray that he won’t give up….

…because I see the light at the end of this potty training tunnel and I think I like it!

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