Potty Training?! Potty Trained?! The Saga Continues…

**In my whispering voice so I don’t jinx myself**

I swear if you would have asked me 6 months ago if I would STILL be potty training my daughter I would have said you were crazy!  My regular readers may remember our last 4 posts about potty training have all been negative.  Today I think I’m seeing the light at the end of the very long tunnel – we’re on Day 2 of no daytime diapers!

Monday Lil’ B started her new big girl class at preschool so I thought I would try to be a little more consistent with our training efforts at home. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to wear her big girl panties to school and she said yes.  Just like all of our other failed attempts I sent her to school with both diapers, panties, and 2 spare outfits expecting her to come home in a different outfit.  I was shocked when she came walking through the door yesterday wearing the same outfit and the same panties and no dirty diapers.

Having gained a little bit of confidence I decided to let her be a big girl for dinner as we went to our local Mexican restaurant (of course I had the spare outfit in my diaper bag just in case).  Last time we attempted Taco Tuesday she pee’d at the table.  Guess what???  She was still dry when we got home!

Today I sent her back to school in big girl panties and again we had a successful day with no accidents.  She made it through playtime and through dinner with no accidents.  She’s started to ask me to go potty when she has to go.  She’s actually peeing each time she sits on the potty (still working on the poops – this morning she pooped before I got her from her crib).  Oh and let’s not comment on the fact that she’s still in her crib – she’s never tried to climb out and I’m quite content with her staying contained for a little while longer!!

Are we potty trained? Will these dry days continue the rest of the week?  I’m not even worried about nights yet because she’s still waking up soaking wet – that will come with time.  Does the new big girl classroom have anything to do with our success or is it just coincidence?  Maybe it’s peer pressure? Maybe the teachers have more time to spend with her since about half the class is already potty trained?

I know she’s only 2.5yrs old and that’s still relatively early for today’s children but she’s my second and she’s taking longer than her brother with everything (walking, talking, potty training).  Since she’s also my last baby I’m trying to hold on tight to those last few days I have of her as a baby.

Quote from Lil’ B, “I a baby mommy!”

What about you?  What differences did you experience when potty training a second (or third, fourth, or fifth) child?

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    Zoe was finally potty trained completely right at 3 years. Kaylee is only 18 months, and she sees her big sister going potty, so she wants to go all the time. I think she’s going to be easier to train than Zoe, but I think it’s because they’re so close in age (21 months apart). I’d love to have them both out diapers in the next couple months!
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