One Week Until #BlogHer11

With all my preparations for flying away to California next week I haven’t had much time to add new content here.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t actively been working on my blog.  For those who don’t blog I thought I would share a bit of the ‘behind the screen’ activities that make up my days (and nights).

During the day I work as a Social Media & Marketing Director for a few cloth diapering companies.  I spend much of my day surfing Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and behind the scenes in our shopping cart looking at sales.  I come up with new sales, promotions, and giveaway opportunities.  I research new technologies and experiment with things like Google+ and QR Codes.

I also spend all day reading and responding to emails on my 7 email accounts. Yes – I have 7 email accounts (plus 1 for my son) pushed to my iPhone.  I delete more than I respond to but ever so often I get something so exciting in my inbox that I absolutely just squeal in excitement at my computer screen.  Of course no one can hear me because it’s just me (and my daytime assistants – 1 dog & 1 cat) in my home office.

I don’t have set work hours so I usually work from about 9-5 and then again a few hours after the kids go to bed.  But my work is for 2 companies and for my blog – I’m sure I put in more than 40 hrs for each one during the week.  Just ask my husband! When he’s going to bed I’m still up tweeting or surfing Facebook or writing tomorrows post.  I was never a night owl but I can now stay up until midnight without blinking an eye.

I’m also a wife, mother, house keeper, friend, daughter, sister, active church member, PTA member, chef, and any other hat I decide to wear in a given moment. Chores get done between emails, dinner gets cooked (on a good day) in the crock pot, and the floors get mopped on the weekends.  Yes, I work some on the weekends but I try to limit my time online to when the kids are napping or at night.  Although my iPhone is always on and is always flashing new Tweets, beeping with incoming messages, and buzzing with reminders.  Sometimes I pretend that I don’t hear it on the weekends because every mama needs some time unplugged.

This past few weeks has been a lot about networking and planning. My co-hosts for the Haute Green Social Hour and I have been contacting our favorite sponsors trying to convince them that #hautegreen is a good investment.  We’re hosting a private meet-and-greet before the BlogHer conference gets started for 50 fellow bloggers.  Each blogger will get a swag bag full of goodies from our sponsors and will be entered to win door prizes for them as well.  I should have planned a little better because if everyone shows up to the party the 5 of us (hosts) won’t be taking home any of this amazingly cool swag!  D’oh!  (Anyone want to share there’s???) We’re having all of the swag shipped to the hotel so I can only imagine how full my room will look once all of these boxes find their way to my room.

Tonight I’ve been working on making QR codes like the one seen below to display at our party.  I’ve fallen in love with QR codes – they are an amazing and fun marketing tool!  I have one on my t-shirt, iPad case, and business cards that I’ll be sporting at BlogHer.  Give it a try! Just install a QR reader (I use i-nigma but there are several free QR readers to choose from) on your iPhone or smartphone and snap a picture on the image below.

The Eco Chic on Facebook

I’m also using QR Codes for an event I’m planning at our church.  I wonder how many of our members will know what to do with it when they see it!!

Now I get to log off and feel good that I wrote a post that is unsponsored and valuable but I won’t be logging of before I check my emails, my Facebook page(s), my Twitter accounts, and our store’s sales!  Tomorrow I’ll get up and do it all again.  I certainly skipped over a ton of daily tasks that I complete but this is the life of a blogger, a social media director, a marketing mama, and a multi-tasking mama!  What did you do today?

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