Gearing Up For BlogHer ’11 – One Month Out

My countdown clock has been rolling along very quickly and it now says that I have only 33 days until BlogHer ’11 in San Diego.  Where did this year go and how did it go so quickly?

Gearing up for BlogHer ’11

With only one month left I have a lot of planning left to do.  I scheduled a phone call with a friend (and designer and techie guru and all around support person) Mommy Doodles this week to be sure that we were aligned on some projects I want to complete for BlogHer.  While I ‘could’ do some of these things myself she can get them done in about 1/4th the time and they will look much more professional than anything I would ever create.  Here’s just a snippet of my list of projects:

  • Fix Eco Chic Parties blog that I messed up (i.e. deleted – yes all of it!) last week while trying to clean house.
  • Back up The Eco Chic blog properly since I realized we’ve been doing this wrong the whole time and I lost all of Eco Chic Parties past posts.
  • Clean house on The Eco Chic blog.  After almost 4 years of being playing web master I think it’s time to look into some professional help.  First step is working with Melanie (Mommy Doodles) to see how much she can do before I look elsewhere.
  • Continue to work with my Rockin’ sponsor, Rockin’ Green Soap, to make sure that we meet all of our deadlines and targets.
  • Update business cards for BlogHer ’11 since last years are already out of date.
  • Work with Melanie to design some cool t-shirts for me to wear during BlogHer ’11.  Can’t share my ideas just yet but it will be very cute!
  • Work with Melanie to design an iPhone and iPad case personalized for BlogHer ’11.
  • Encourage my BFF to get her own business cards to hand out even though she has a super secret blog that I’ve never seen.  She still needs to have something on hand.
  • Make plans for the boys (our husbands are joining us) for when we’re all partying geeking it up at the conference.
  • Make plans with an old co-worker and some friends who live in the area.
  • Call hotel and see if I can have a box (or two) shipped to the hotel for when I get there.
  • Work with my employer and see if they want me to do any promoting (coupons, giveaways, etc) while I’m there.
  • Pray that my iPhone app is approved before then so I can include a link to that on all my goodies.
  • Work with Melanie to design and create my newest blog project so that I can reveal it during BlogHer ’11.
  • Continue to work with some niche bloggers to come up with an idea for a super secret event that I am afraid won’t happen if I don’t get a kick in the butt!
  • Compile a list of people I absolutely must meet and mingle with during BlogHer ’11.
  • Look over the BlogHer agenda and decide what sessions I really want to attend.
  • Invite all my niche bloggers to a Birds of a Feather lunch on Friday during BlogHer ’11.
  • Continue to build our little Facebook group for Green & Cloth Diapering Mama’s going to BlogHer ’11.  Join us won’t you!

As you can see I have more than enough work to keep me busy for the next 33 days.  What am I forgetting?
Do you have any special plans that you have in mind for BlogHer?
Any special or new projects?  Do you think you’ll get them all completed by then?

Be sure to join me each week leading up to BlogHer as I share some other tips on how to prepare for BlogHer.

Rockin' Green SoapSpecial thanks to Rockin’ Green Soap for sponsoring my trip to BlogHer ’11.  Rockin’ Green Soap is a natural laundry detergent designed especially for use with cloth diapers but can also be used on regular laundry too.  In addition to using Rockin’ Green for laundry there are hundreds of different uses for this soap.  Be sure to sign up for 52 Weeks of Clean where they share a new tip for using Rockin’ Green around your home.  For more information about Rockin’ Green visit them on the Web, Facebook, and on Twitter.

To learn more about Mommy Doodles Design visit Melanie on the Web, Facebook, and on Twitter.

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    I would LOVE to meet you!! I am so impressed with all you have going on, I really need to get in touch with Melanie and get my blog launched, doing so BEFORE Blog Her is my GOAL!!!

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