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Let’s face it, we all have to do laundry whether it’s clothes or cloth diapers. Why not mix things up a bit with a fun and powerful laundry detergent that’s kind to the Earth and kicks butt on stains and odors.  I write about Rockin’ Green often (archives) because I’ve followed Kim since the early days on Twitter when she was still mixing this stuff in her kitchen.  Lately Kim has been working with me as my sponsor for BlogHer (read my announcement here and here) so in a way this is a sponsored post – with a little extra cloth diapering community love sprinkled in.  That’s the great thing about cloth diapering, the online community is stronger than any that I’ve found.

One of the biggest challenges I hear from people is when they encounter problems in their washing routine.  This usually comes in the form of stains, stinkies, and the dreaded ammonia beast!  These are common problems that can be difficult to conquer because everyone has unique situations. Some things that may effect your washing routine include:

  • Water type (hard water, soft water, city water, well water, mineral deposits, and iron to name a few)
  • Different ages and stages of children (newborn, infant, toddler, potty trainer, and so on)
  • Diet – yes a child’s diet can create challenges (breastfeeding, formula, solids, acidic foods, dairy foods, and many other factors)
  • Teething (don’t even get my started)
  • Dirty diaper storage
  • Amount and type of detergent used
  • Temperature of water
  • Number of rinses
  • Additives, laundry enhancers, and other ‘tricks of the trade’
  • Type of washing machine (top loader, front loader, HE)

I help manage a very active cloth diapering forum and answering laundry questions are THE hardest questions to answer because it’s so easy to generalize. It’s easy to give someone advice based on how I do my laundry without knowing what makes their laundry routine different from mine.  Plus when you ask one question about (ammonia, stains, hard water, etc) you get a million different responses on how to fix your problem.  When you ask someone about detergents you’ll also get a million and one opinions on what works for them.

For me, after 2.5 years we’ve finally reached a laundry bliss! We’re know our machine, we know our water, we know what works for us.  About 6-8 months ago I couldn’t say the same thing though.  We were battling with ammonia and some serious rash/burn issues.  I remember getting a new bag of Rockin’ Green and after just a few loads of cloth diaper laundry I had to dedicate that bag to regular clothes only because it was contributing to the rash issue.  The one thing I have learned though is that with Rockin’ Green being a small family owned business allows me the opportunity to reach out to them when we have problems or questions.  I received a sample of a detergent that they were testing to see how it worked for us.  At the time they had already announced that they were working on REMIX and that’s what I had.  Within just a few more wash cycles our problems were gone…

…and I was left holding an empty bag!

We switched to Hard Rock – and anxiously awaited the release of REMIX, and waited, and waited, and waited!  Well wait no longer because REMIX is finally available in stores today and I’m going to be first in line.

From the Press Release:

San Antonio, TX, June 16, 2011 – Summer is here and to rock in the warmer weather Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent is welcoming REMIXED versions of their Soft, Classic and Hard Rock formulas. The re-vamped products will feature a new scent and sport newly-designed packaging.

“One of our top priorities is providing our customers with the highest quality, most effective products possible, as well as staying fresh and new,” said Kimberly Webb, CEO/founder of Rockin’ Green. “After testing and research, we found a wonderful new scent everyone is going to love, and the REMIXED Rockin’ Green formulas will knock our customers socks off.”

What’s new?

  • There’s a brand new formula for Soft, Classic, and Hard Rock that makes Rockin’ Green gentler on your fabrics, safer for your baby, and has better cleaning power.
  • There’s a new scent – Earth, Wind, and Orchids
  • We say goodbye to a popular scent – Plain Green Tea’s
  • There’s newer, greener, cleaner packaging with an updated look too.

I’m excited to see what other surprises Kim and her team has for the REMIX launch.  I’ll be camping out on Facebook and Twitter most of the day watching it all.  It’s fun to see how people respond to change but I’m confident that all of the changes that Kim has made will make cloth diapering just a little bit easier for parents.

Buy it! Kelly’s Closet has the brand new formula of Rockin’ Green REMIX in stock along with a little surprise. The first 50 orders placed for REMIX (full size bags) will get a free magnetic laundry scoop!

Rockin' Green Promo

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