Update on Potty Training

Wonder what this week has been like for potty training?  After last weeks post about Lil’ B not being ready I thought I would give you a quick update on our progress.  This past week has been a little hectic (as it always is around our house) and we’ve not been able to work on potty training very much.

Lil’ B usually have 2-3 successes each day and some of them actually surprise me.  Saturday we were at the little league park and she told me that she had to pee-pee.  Off we went to the dirty little bathroom that doesn’t even have a changing table in the attempts to use the ‘big girl potty!’  Guess what?  We go there and she was completely dry and pee’d on the potty.

Then there are moments like this afternoon which are the exact opposite.  She was wearing her big girl panties around the house, I was cooking, or cleaning, or something when my son came to tell me she spilled some water on her floor.  Um, no honey – that’s pee-pee!  She had pee’d by the door and went right back to playing with her toys…soaking wet!  She didn’t even slow down for me to change her clothes.  She wasn’t phased at all by wearing sopping wet panties.

The only thing that week has confirmed is that neither her or I are ready for this full time…and I’m ok with that.

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    OH yeah! Same thing here! It’s so exciting when they tell you before hand… Eli has had several successful “poops.” I guess cus she doesn’t like that “sticky” feeling anymore. She’s worn actual panties a few times (at home only) and done pretty good.

    Way to go ‘Lil B! Give her a “high 5” for us!

    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

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    I have a feeling I will be blogging about lots of potty training issues and products very soon! Loved hearing about your experience. My twins are 26 mos and my daughter is showing signs of readiness. I’m stressing about jumping head first into potty training. Right now we just have them sit on their potties before bath to give them an idea of what a potty is for. I’m pretty sure i’m making too much out of it in my head…. We will see!
    Janice of MommaWords.com :-)

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