30 Reasons to Love Cloth Diapers – Guest Post

Cloth Diaper Challenge

Day 18: Five things I would do differently the second time around.

For today’s post I’m actually going to send you to a friends blog.  I met Jenny of the Conscientious Confusion blog at BlogHer last year and she remains one of my special friends.  Jenny just had her second baby and asked if I would do a guest post for her while she took a brief maternity break.  While she’s enjoying her newest cloth diaper baby – a sweet little girl – my gift for her is my lessons learned.

Here’s a teaser of my 5 Things I Would Do Differently the Second Time Around…

1.  Our initial investment in cloth diapers would include more of a variety in brand and styles. We purchased a bulk of one type and style of cloth diapers with the intention that we would use them and sell them and have no need to buy any more along the way.  While this CAN be done and many people can only afford the one time investment I wish we had tried more brands and styles at the beginning.  I would have bought a trial package or starter package like the ones they offer at Kelly’s Closet and would have built a diverse fluffy stash.

…to read more be sure to visit Jenny’s blog and leave her a birth-blessing on her birth story.

Looking for more cloth diapering resources and tips?  Visit my cloth diapering archives, follow me on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Looking for cloth diapering resources and tips? Visit my cloth diapering archives, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and on Pinterest.
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  1. kari says

    that right there is what i tell EVERYONE i try to get into cloth diapering. i know it’s so easy to buy a starter pack, but the savings aren’t actually THAT great (I average about $14/diaper with sales and “free with purchase” and the bulk packs are only about $16.50 at best) and then you’re stuck with one type which may or may not rock your world. I never made that initial investment – rather started with a few from a discount site to use at night and grew from there. It takes trial and error to find what works for your family!

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