Bamboobies Reusable Breastfeeding Pad Reviews

Reusable Breast Pads

It’s almost been one month since I weaned my little princess – hard to believe that I will never again breastfeed another baby!  As an update to our weaning story the tot will still ask for milk but only when she’s really tired or frustrated.  She’s now exploring and will pinch and grab my boobs just for fun.  I never really experienced any pain this time around drying up.  It was much easier physically to wean slowly over the last year because I had no engorgement at all this time.  I just remember how painful that was with my son when we stopped with little preparation.

Fortunately I get to continue to advocate to my friends the benefits of breastfeeding and that you as a parent can set your own limits and guidelines.

A few months ago I was introduced to a new product on the market – bamboobies™ reusable bamboo breastfeeding pads.  It was past the time when I would actually need to use them personally but I shared them with a few of my breastfeeding friends locally to get their opinions.  Both ladies just had their 3rd babies late last year and are experts by now with breastfeeding.  Both ladies are cows when it comes to production – seriously they have both explained to me that they could probably sell their milk they produce so much of it.  They were perfect test mommies for the bamboobies™.

About bamboobies™:

They make 2 varieties – the regular and the overnight version.  bamboobies™ are made with eco-friendly, all natural, untreated, certified organic bamboo, cotton and hemp.  The pads are handmade right here in the US (Colorado).  The regular bamboobies™ are ideal for the period after your milk has arrived when only minor leaking occurs.  They are ultra thin, heart shaped, and have a water-proof backing.  The unique heart shape allows the pads to fit nicely into your bra with minimal wrinkling and less visibility.

The overnight bamboobies™ are bigger and softer – perfect for those first few weeks when your milk is coming in the heaviest.  They are great for overnight and early morning leaking.  The overnight bamboobies™ aren’t lined with the water-proof backing so you could easily use the two together to create an ultra absorbent milk barrier for the heaviest of milk flow.

Notes from my test mommies:

Mommy J: “bamboobies™ are really soft and wash well.  The overnight should dry flat to keep their shape but I typically dry the regular ones in the drier.  I used them with a thinly padded bra and they didn’t show at all.”  She also told me that the heart shape was great for fitting different types of bras since they could be rotated for even those deep plunging bras.

Mommy T: “I’m such a cow!  I used the overnights and I still leaked.”  However after Mommy J suggested using them both together Mommy T had better success with them.

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Disclosure:  Product samples of bamboobies™ were sent to my two dear friends for review.  I did not receive any additional compensation for my opinions.

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  1. Beverly Tompary says

    The first few weeks are always the hardest! both you and baby are getting use to doing something brand new! Just hang in there