Finding My Bliss at Blissdom11

Can anyone guess where I’m heading this week?  #Blissdom11!!

Now most of my followers are probably staring at their computer screens going “huh?” or “Bliss-what?”  or maybe “Oh, isn’t that like BlogHer?”  Yes, it’s a blogging conference where bloggers meet up, share ideas, create new ideas, and form real life relationships. 

I had the pleasure and joy of attending one of the largest conferences held each year last August (BlogHer) in NYC and I have to admit it’s still overwhelming to think about all the things that happened that week.  Did I really have lunch with the Jenn THE inventor and creator of the bumGenius cloth diaper?  Did I really form an amazing bond with Kelly from Kelly’s Closet?  Did I really meet and partner with great companies like ecoStore USA, Plum Organics, and so, so, so many more?  Did I really meet other eco-minded bloggers like Green and Clean Mom, Beth Terry, Melissa Moog, phD In Parenting, Consientious Confusion, Condo Blues, and so, so, so many more?  Or was this all a dream? 

Well it wasn’t a dream because I still talk to some of these ladies today when my mind starts wandering and dreaming up big schemes.  I’ve even worked with several of them with different project throughout the year – many of which are behind the scenes and you don’t even notice.  BlogHer opened up so many doors for me that I’m getting a little giddy over Blissdom.

It was a hard decision to make whether I should go to another blog conference or not.  Is this the road I want to get on in my psuedo-professional blogging career?  Do I want to be THAT blogger that is on the road hitting up all the conferences around the states?  What is the REAL benefit of one conference over another?  Will my family think I’m officially lost my mind?  Do I have TIME to take away from my day job and my family to do this?  These are the decisions that I have faced for the last 1-2 months. 

I had my event ticket since the end of December (while they were discounted) and in January started to seek out last minute sponsorships – no bites I should add!  **Note to self – start planning earlier next time!  Then I was looking to see who was going, who was speaking, who are the sponsors, and all that jazz.  Is this a conference where I’ll ‘fit in’ or not?  I slowly saw the leaders in the green tribe start to announce their plans to attend – some even speaking (Sommer – Green and Clean Mom).  I started to ask my BlogHer buddies (most of which are knocked up and pregnant – or at home with newborns) until I convinced a friend from BlogHer to go to Blissdom with me.  It does help the nerves to find a friend to brave the crowds with.  But something kept holding me back from making a full committment….

When I booked my hotel room the hotel was full on the last night and I’d have to change hotels.  UGH!  Then after booking the hotel anyways my hubby realized he had prior committments that may jeopardize my ability to go.  Oh the internal discussions in my head were enough to lead to an ulcer.  I can’t tell you how many times I almost cancelled this trip and tried to sell my ticket.  But I didn’t…my heart was still in it…I yearned to go! 

I chose to cancel my last night at the hotel because of scheduling conflicts and still hadn’t booked my flight.  I had found a confirmed flight (direct no less) for about $200 but didn’t book it…I kept waiting for the right time.  Then I realized one morning that the cheap air fare was GONE!  Was this a sign that I shouldn’t go??  I called my husband at work almost in tears because I missed my opportunity to fly cheap (without flying on our standby passes) and was going to throw in the towel of defeat!  Then it happened…

…he supported me!  He helped me find what I was looking for and in 30 minutes I had a confirmed flight for less than my originial budget!  (Ok – so now I have one stop on the way – who cares!)  The point is that he supported me in my desire to jaunt off and leave the family for three days leaving him in charge of the chaos. 

Then a few days later I got sad news…my friend had to back out unexpectedly.  NO -NO – NO!!!  Now I’m at it alone again and I don’t get to see her!  I can’t even begin to tell you how sad I was when I read her email to me with some of the details as to why – I felt like we were living parrallel lives at that point.  But there was no going back now!  I had my ticket, my airfare, and my hotel – I am going to Blissdom! 

Can I tell you that I haven’t even started to pack yet?  I leave in less than 24 hrs and I haven’t even finished laundry.  I don’t have anything in order yet.  While my heart is totally in this trip my excitement level is lower than the much anticipated BlogHer.  Why?  Maybe it’s just because I have no idea what to expect and no idea who I’ll be ‘hanging’ out with.  I’m not afraid of it because I do make friends rather easily and I’m sure once I see my green tribe I’ll feel right at home.  Oh and the sweet smiles and hugs will help ease the nerves too. 

Last night I had dinner with a friend of mine so we could catch up (and she could lend me her coat – did you know forecasters are calling for snow in the morning) and I started talking to her and the excitement started to come back.  Then I came home and started tweeting with my favorite #clothdiapers friends on Monday night chat (we haven’t done that in a while…just chatting to help each other out).  Before I realized it midnight was upon me and I had to get a few hours of sleep for today. 

But I had a problem – like I’ve done a few other times in the past – I had so many fresh new ideas floating around in my head I COULDN’T sleep!  I even found time to write a new post about cloth wipes which people were asking about during the chat.  This morning when I woke up I decided to email my friend (the one who had to cancel) with one of these ideas.  It was 6 AM and I was still realing with excitement from the night before.  And guess what…

…SHE’s COMING!!!  I got a text message from her saying her plans were still on and she was still coming to Blissdom!  And NOW my excitement has multiplied and I’m ready to FIND MY BLISS!  

Why do I go to blog conferences?  To put my head in the game and accept the fact that this is where I belong.  This is what excites me!  This is what keeps me up at night.  This is where my heart wanders to during the day.  I’M A BLOGGER and it’s the greatest BLISS I know!  *Well at least right behind the Lord, my husband, my family and my friends!


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    calley – you are so adorable. i loved this post, it was so transparent sharing your anxieties and excitements…. all the ups and downs we all face when trying something new! i hope you have a TON of fun at blissdom, i will be there next year 😉

    i can not WAIT to meet you at blogher this year! it’s going to be a blast…. i just can’t wait to pick your brain about blogging ideas and schemes :) have a fab weekend in nashville!

  2. says

    I am so excited for you Calley! I hope you have so much fun and make lots of new friends and connections – maybe one day I will get to one and we will get to share a big green hug in real life :)

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