Cloth Diaper Interview with Natali Morris

DAY 8 – Interview with Natali Morris about her 30 Day Cloth Diapering Challenge.  I’ve marked this as one of the 30 reasons I love cloth diapers because I have had the opportunity to ‘meet’ some amazing people since we started using cloth diapers.  Not only have I been talking with Natali this month; in the past year I’ve worked with many of the popular cloth diaper brands here on the blog (and at Eco Chic Parties).  I’ve also had the opportunity to actually meet and have lunch with Jennifer Labit – owner of bumGenius, I shared an entire weekend with Kelly Wels from during BlogHer, and have an amazing friendship with Julie Elkstrom – owner of Rumparooz…to name just a few! 

Here is my interview with Natali:

The Eco Chic:  Did your parents use cloth diapers on you?
Natali:  No! When my mom learned I was doing this she was a little indignant. She said, “Your sister and you were just fine with disposables!” But then she helped me cloth diaper my son over the Thanksgiving holiday and now she is sold!
The Eco Chic:  My mom actually used cloth diapers on both me and my brother but she thinks the modern cloth diaper is the coolest invention ever! She’s my biggest supporter!
The Eco Chic:  When was the first time someone suggested that you try (or use) cloth diapers?  Did you research them during you pregnancy?
Natali:  My friend Nathalee used a diaper service with prefolds. She wrote a blog post about it on our mommy blog, Mommy beta,  and I thought it sounded like a great option. I didn’t know that there were other ways to cloth diaper besides using diaper service so I researched services in Manhattan. I got a little overwhelmed with a simple search and I was overwhelmed with baby gear in general so I gave up. Laziness, I know.
The Eco Chic:  No, It’s not laziness Natali.  I think it’s a good reminder that moms can be overwhelmed with all the decisions we have to make – especially as a first time mom.  I didn’t use cloth diapers with my first born.  My littlest one is the only fluffy bum babe in our house.   
The Eco Chic:  In your Eye on Parenting piece why didn’t you use modern cloth diapers or hybirds (like G-diapers) to compare to disposables?
Natali:  To be honest, I sent my producer the idea for that segment based on Nathalee’s blog and he took the idea and ran with it. I did not know what he would have on the set until I arrived. I don’t blame him, he is a single guy who is absolutely floored with the options he has since learned about. I blame myself. I was only 2 weeks into work from my maternity leave and was not managing my time well right out of the gate. I should have asked him for his set notes early and suggested more options.
The Eco Chic:  What was the biggest turn off to cloth diapers when you decided to use disposables?
Natali:  The biggest downside is that the diapers can’t just be tossed down the trash chute as soon as they are used. We live in a VERY small New York apartment and I didn’t want us to be stuck with stinky diapers in our already-cramped space.
The Eco Chic:  What has been your biggest surprise about cloth diapers (good or bad) since beginning your cloth diaper challenge?
Natali:  I liken it to my breast pump. That gadget completely overwhelmed me for the first few weeks of my son’s life. It isn’t until you really get into a routine with it that you understand, “This isn’t so bad at all!” Although I must admit, I like cloth diapering a whole heck of a lot more than I like pumping.
The Eco Chic:  Haha, I love that you relate cloth diapers to using a breast pump! Such a great analogy.  I may have to borrow that one.

The Eco Chic:  What do you like most about cloth diapers at this point?
Natali:  I like the fact that I haven’t been to the store to buy diapers in weeks. I like that my son’s little bottom does not look wrinkled or irritated. And I like that I am not dumping extra nastiness into the landfill.
The Eco Chic:  What do you like least about cloth diapers at this point?
Natali:  I don’t love the extra laundry, I have to admit.
The Eco Chic:  You’ll learn to love laundry time when you can escape into the laundry room with a screaming child or husband and smell the wonderful scents of Rockin’ Green Soap before you have to slip back into reality.  Oh, am I the only one who does that?
The Eco Chic:  How is daddy doing with cloth diapers?  
Natali:  He’s doing great! I think he’s a total convert! He keeps talking about it on his daddy podcast, Daddy On Board. It’s so cute to watch him fumble around this subject. He’s a studious learner. I’m so proud of him.
The Eco Chic:  I’ve watched a few episodes and wish my hubby would start watching it.  They remind me of my husband and his best friend on Friday night. 

The Eco Chic:  Did you ever expect to have so much support when you began this challenge?  
Natali:  NO! That has been so overwhelming! I feel like I have friends for life, even if I never meet them IRL. I only wish I could have had as much support when I needed it with that stupid breast pump!!

The Eco Chic:  What is your favorite diaper so far?  (Brand or style)
Natali: Charlie Bananas are my favorites so far. You can stuff and un-stuff them from the front so you are far less likely to get poopy hands. They are also less bulky and super soft. I have had a hard time picking favorites because the CD community has been so great to me and these mommies have been nothing but supportive. How can I pick favorites from among friends??
The Eco Chic:  Funny – that’s one brand I’ve never tried! 
The Eco Chic:  What one question would you like your readers to help you answer?  Any tips you are looking for?
Natali:  Solids. Is it really that bad?? We are about 2 months away.
The Eco Chic:  Well I’m still cloth diapering at almost 2 years and solids aren’t that scary!  You’ll become intimate with your diaper sprayer and I personally love the flushable liners.  I’ll dedicate one whole day to poop and the many reasons to love it soon just for you.  And I’m sure my readers will help you out a bit too!

Thanks Natali for the interview, it’s been fun to follow you in your journey.  I hope that the cloth diapering community can continue to inspire you and help you along the way.  Good Luck!

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4 Responses to Cloth Diaper Interview with Natali Morris

  1. Calley, why haven’t you tried Charlie Banana? They are the best I have used and if you’re interested I’d love to send you one to review.
    Let me know if you’re interested, email me!

  2. Cinella says:

    That’s so awesome that you got to interview Natali… I’ve been wanting to try Charlie Banana as well… can’t wait to see if you review it. I heard they are starting to sell here in the U.S.

  3. Sarah R. says:

    Keep up the good work Natali! I started CDing about the same time you did, however my daughter is 13 months old. I totally love cloth diapering! I am NEVER going back to disposables again. Dealing with solid poop isn’t that bad. Anyway… Most of the time the solid poop just and falls off into the toilet and you dont have to do spraying. But yes you will have days you will be intimate with the diaper sprayer lol. I tried the flushable liners and didn’t care for them since they got rumpled up. A great option is you can try fleece liners. You can buy a yard of fleece (around $5) at a fabric store and cut into diaper size rectangles. Most poop falls off easily and you can wash them with your diapers and reuse them over and over again. If it a way too messy and you don’t want to clean it off just toss it out. Added bonus fleece wicks moisture away from baby’s bottom. And Calley your not the only one who likes to escape to the laundry room to sniff Rockin’ Green and clean diapers. Weird, I know.

  4. Robin says:

    Great interview! I second trying the Charlie Banana- I LOVE the one I won :) I’m thinking CB needs to sponsor an EcoChicParty…

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