Oldie But Goodie – Handmade T-Shirt Doggy Bed

Please enjoy my Oldies But Goodies while I take a break from the computer and enjoy my family and other things that I’m THANKFUL for this year.  New content will return next week!

I usually save these posts for Thursdays but I had to share my latest project with you today.  My sewing machine has been quite busy lately but I’ve put myself on a fabric buying ban!  Seems that I get a little carried away at the fabric store with all the pretty prints.  If you remember my last Trash to Treasure Thursday (tie-dyed ruffle skirt) I still had parts of that the tie-dyed t-shirt in my fabric box.  My sweet (mischievous) pug decided recently to attack (and destroy) his pet bed – or should I say he redecorated the house with stuffing!  I decided it was time for him to have a new bed – but I refuse to buy him a new one!  Afterall it will only be a matter of weeks before it’s used to redecorate the house too.

For this project I measured the size of the crate to determine the dimensions of the doggy bed.  From that I cut the t-shirt into the outer dimensions (plus a few extra inches for seam allowance).  Since the t-shirt wasn’t quite large enough for the entire bed I cut two smaller pieces (front and back of t-shirt) so that they would add up to the final dimensions I needed.  Just for asthetics – I cut them again in half so they would form the checker board pattern you see in the final pictures.  Essentially – I had 8 pieces the same size when I began.

I simply sewed the pieces together in the pattern of my choosing and then sewed the fronts and backs together (right sides facing) -leaving a few inches open on one end.  I then turned the fabric so the right sides were out and began stuffing.  I used polyfill but I also added some fabric scraps to the inside as well.  You could reuse the stuffing from old pillows or old doggy beds if you have them.

After the pillow was stuffed I simply sewed up the remaining hole and gave it to Champ!  He’s carrying it around with him all day today so I’m pretty sure he likes it.  But then again – he tries to steal the sofa pillows too.  *UPDATED TO ADD: This cute little pillow last about 3 months before he found a whole and ripped out all the stuffing! Guess I need to make him another one for Christmas.

What have you made this week?  Any fun upcycling projects?  Leave me a link below in the comments and I’ll come check it out.


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