America Recycles Day with Recycle Kyle

Monday is America Recycles Day – an annual event organized by Keep America Beautiful.  Each year I organize an event for my company to recognize America Recycles Day for our employees.  It’s not until later in the week that I can actually teach my children about the outreach efforts.  Fortunately my sons school organizes a Great American Teach In later in the week to allow parents to visit the classrooms and teach the kids about a hobby or profession.  I always choose recycling in support of America Recycles Day.

This year I have a new friend to help me talk to the kids – Recycle Kyle and the Global Green Pals.  Kyle and his friends are a line of eco-friendly stuffed toys that can serve as eco-ambassadors for our children.  Each pal has a story to tell – Recycle Kyle of course recycles everything!  Kids can visit the Global Green Pals website to learn more about their favorite eco-ambassador.  For instance, did you know that Kyle is from Seattle where he likes to get around on his skateboard.

Each Global Green Pal is made of organic cotton and stuffed with recycled PET stuffing.  They come with removable accessories and their hair can be combed.  They don’t just have a good eco-message – they are eco-friendly and safe for our children to play with.  There aren’t many toys that you can say that about these days is there?

We received a Recycle Kyle for my little boy and a Pink Coral Laurel for my little girl.  As soon as they arrived my 7 year old wanted to play with Kyle.  My daughter snuggles up with Laurel every night and wanted to take her to the baby sitters earlier this week.  These dolls are 100% fun according to my kids!

I’m planning on taking Recycle Kyle with me to the Teach-in next week to help me tell my story about recycling.  We have a second Kyle which we are donating to the school to help promote our new recycling efforts (as PTA VP I started up several TerraCycle Brigades to help the kids learn about recycling first hand).  Kyle will be allowed to visit any classroom that requests him throughout the year.  I can’t wait to get see what the rest of their kids think of Kyle next week.  Now – I guess I should start planning my presentation for Thursday! What should I talk about?

About Global Green Pals:
Global Green Pals was founded in 2004 by Malini Goel whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Green Blogger Soiree in NYC during BlogHer 10.  Malini is a lawyer and environmental policy consultant as well as the founder of Global Green Pals.

Website: Free shipping on all orders before 12.15.10!

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