What is Fluffy Mail?

How to Cloth Diaper - Tips for Handling Fluffy Mail

What is Fluffy Mail? Since most of us don’t have a local retail store to go pick out our fluff we mostly rely on the retailers we find and love online.  I have my favorite of course like DiaperShops.com (AKA Kelly’s Closet).  When we place an order for new cloth diapers to add to our stash the hardest part is WAITING (it may be considered considered stalking to some) for them to arrive.  When your first package arrives it’s almost like Christmas morning.  Depending on the retailer your new stash will arrive by USPS, FedEx, or UPS.  I’ve actually made friends with all three of my delivery guys and they have me on saved in their GPS for frequent deliveries!  (A sign of a true cloth diapering addict.)

Fluffy mail can come in envelopes or boxes – large or small.  Sometimes it even comes eco-friendly with a reused shipping box (like my last box from Rumparooz).  However it comes to you fluffy mail actually makes going to the mail box fun again.  It’s even more fun when it comes marked with the words – FLUFFY MAIL – in big letters all around the envelope!

Tips for handling fluffy mail:

  1. When you hear the delivery truck pull up DON’T beat the delivery guy to the door!
  2. DON’T tear the box open wildly before the driver gets back in his truck!
  3. DO make sure that it’s a package for you – I’ve been known to open my husbands packages thinking they are my own (why would HE get mail other than bills? LOL).
  4. DO let your children play with any bubble wrap that may be included.
  5. DON’T let your dog play with the packing peanuts – it’s a huge mess!
  6. DO take lots of pictures (or videos) of your new stash!  You’ll need them to handle the lows between shipments.  You can even share your pictures on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and don’t forget to share them with the sender.
  7. DO be sure to read all the manufacturers directions for washing and wearing before you trash the packaging.
  8. DO review the flyers that come with your fluffy mail – they may contain tips for using the products, washing the products, and maybe even coupons for MORE fluffy mail!
  9. DO wash your cloth diapers before you put them on your baby.
  10. DO reuse or recycle your packaging materials and boxes.

Caring for new cloth diapers: When you get a new cloth diaper you will want to pay special attention to the care instructions.  Most instructions are very similar but some may be worded slightly different.  My standard pre-wash routine is one cold rinse (no detergent), one hot wash (with detergent), and one regular rinse (no detergent) – this should be enough washes/rinses for most diapers.  (Hemp and Organic Cotton may require up to 6 wash/rinse cycles to reach maximum absorbency) I will normally dry the diapers the very first time but after that they get treated to a sun tan.

What was your last fluffy mail?  Do you know your mail carrier by name?  Does he (or she) know what fluffy mail is?


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  1. says

    You know, I’ve hardly had any fluffy mail lately. Booooo. My last one was the halloween special colors package by Smartipants. I’m a little bummed though, because my little girl is outgrowing many of her diapers, they just fit too low or leave red marks on her. Hmph. She’s only 19 months, but she is pretty big. Guess I’ll have to shop around for some bigger sized diapers. Most of hers are “one-size”. Any recommendations?

  2. Kendra says

    My last fluffy mail was a pair of longies from Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb. I was so excited for this package to arrive and it was well worth it. Their wool longies are SO soft and the colors are beautiful. Makes me wish I had a pair of my own! :)

  3. Carlie M. says

    I love fluffy mail. There is nothing like putting a brand new diaper on those cute bums. I wanted to cry when I couldn’t get new BG’s 4.0 on their recent sale. But, I can live through my friends who are starting to cloth! Hurrah!

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