Embrace the Fluffy Butt With Cloth Diapers


How to Cloth Diaper Tip - Embrace the Fluffy Butt

Embrace the Fluffy Butt! If you just started cloth diapering you may have noticed that your baby’s cloths fit a little more snug than with disposable diapers.  This is what we refer to as the fluffy butt or fluffy bum.  The fluffier the better!  You can even find contests by different retailers to see who can take the picture with the fluffiest bum.

The facts behind the fluffy butt:

  • Newborns and infants experience the fluffy butt worse than toddlers, especially if you are using a one-sized diaper (one size diapers fit from infant – toddler).
  • Fitted (or sized) diapers are trimmer than one-sized diapers.
  • Hemp and bamboo inserts are trimmer than microfiber.
  • You actually WANT a bigger butt during naps and nighttime – some people even double stuff (or triple) their pocket diapers for more absorbency for those heavy wetters.
  • Clothes won’t fit the same with a fluffy butt.

A note about the way the clothes fit with the fluffy butt.  Pants will always be snug – especially denim.  Onesies will never fit just right and you may have to go up to a larger size to fit over the fluffy butt.  Many parents embrace the fluffy butt and instead of covering the butt they show it off.  After all we’re quite proud of our fluff and we want the world to know all about cloth diapers.  For romping around the house all you really need is a cute t-shirt and maybe a pair of leg warmers if it’s chilly.  They even make leg warmers for the little boys!

I’ve got it pretty easy with fashion because living in Florida with (almost) year round summer we don’t need heavy clothes and my little girl lives in dresses.  We only have to worry about fitting the fluffy butt for a few months.  We look for jogging pants, sweat pants, or knits over denim because they fit much better.

pomona pants

Updated 2014: A lot has changed since we were cloth diapering our little one! One of the coolest changes is a new line of jeans, pants and shorts made to fit over cloth diapers!  Check out Project Pomona and their pomona pants.  To read more about Pomona’s: http://www.theecochic.com/2012/05/17/project-pomona/  You can find a variety of Pomona’s at Kelly’s Closet —> Shop for Pomona Pants

Are you an experienced cloth diaper user?  What tips can you give newbies on how to embrace the fluffy bum?  Leave you comments below.

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  1. says

    Ahhh, yes! The fluffy butt… don’t you just love it? Our family loves it because none of us have one of our own to show off, lol. It’s so exciting when you find an outfit that matches the fluffy butt and it’s so easy to change a diaper when you use baby legs. And as a fellow sun lover (texas) I love that baby legs came out with some with UV protection.

    It’s a great idea that you’ve decided to do this 30 days of cloth posts! Would it be wrong if I joined you?

  2. says

    Gotta love fluffy bums! I am so excited to read your posts as you have these 30 days of fluff. I do also hope we get a convert from Natali’s trial of fluff. :)

  3. Timmi says

    I LOVE this! I will definitely be following this! I had some trouble with cloth when I started out, but stuck to it and finally when my hubby told me “I wish you had convinced me about this with our first we’re saving so much and it’s not hard at all” Getting just the tiniest bit of support is always nice instead of the usual “gross” or “are you crazy?” comments Thanks!

  4. tara says

    i have found myself buying t- shirts and baby- legs that will match the diapers. then i can show off the fluffy butt. now that it is cold i have put him into larger pants, my boy is tall so the length is okay. also i have altered his 6 -9 month pants.

  5. says

    LOVE the fluffy butt. We live in Hawaii, so my daughter basically lives in shirts and diapers. I don’t think she’ll know what pants are until my husband gets stationed back stateside!

  6. Ariana says

    My son has short legs but is a heavy wetter which equals crazy fluffy butt <3 I found that the only denim that really works is baby gap and old navy. They are cut so much bigger in the tush area. FYI skinny jeans with the fluffy butt is almost too much to handle!


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