Another Cloth Diaper Convert

Last week I attended a double baby shower for two ladies that I met at church.  They’ve heard me go on and on about how cute, how easy, and how much better cloth diapers are – but they still haven’t made the commitment.

I try not to guilt someone into trying cloth diapers but rather debunk the myths that exist about using cloth diapers to help better educate parents.  I have a few friends with babies that still use disposables and I don’t make them feel bad about their decision.  I’m always showing off Lil’ B’s fluffy bum in hopes that they will give up their disposable addiction and join me in my mad addiction passion.

Now you’d think that the perfect baby shower gift would be a cute new cloth diaper, right?  Since cloth diapers are not a cheap investment (I try to stay around the $15-20 range) I don’t buy cloth diapers for people who haven’t made the commitment.  I would be upset to see fluff sitting on a shelf NOT being used because a parent was scared to try them.  Instead for this shower they both received a copy of the Healthy Child, Healthy World book, an Under the Nile organic toy, and some ecoStore USA baby products. With these products the parents have the opportunity to make some other small changes in their lives.

I did have a few diapers with me – in my bag – because I was showing off some of my new fluff to a friend of mine who just begun using cloth diapers.  While we were all sitting around chatting another one of our friends immediately went into the disposable diaper panic.  What’s that?  When you realize that you are OUT of diapers at home and you left your toddler with daddy and NO diaper for bedtime. Now – I haven’t had that panic attack since Big B was a baby 7 years ago so I jokingly said something about if she used cloth she’d never run out.  I then flashed a diaper and said “Here – take this!”

You know what?  She just about cried with excitement!  For starters, she didn’t have to rush to the store after the baby shower to buy a box of pull ups for her 3 year old – who only wears them at night and nap time.  She said she never thought about using cloth diapers this late in the game but it actually made since to her now.  The next day she stopped by my house and bought 3 of my old fluffy stash for her little man!  Second hand fluff is super duper cheap and costs a lot less than a box of pull ups.  I even gave her a baggie of detergent and a mini-laundry lesson.

Her biggest surprise the next day?  The ammonia smell!  She’s NEVER smelled that before using disposable diapers. Unlike most cloth diaper users who think that there is something wrong with their diapers when they smell ammonia – she was in shock about the chemicals that are used in disposable that mask that odor.  It’s NORMAL for a diaper to smell like ammonia after a long night sleep!

I guess it’s never too late to make a cloth diaper convert out of someone. Have you convinced someone to try cloth diapers out of desperation – or later in their diapering journey?  I’d love to hear your story.

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  1. amyj says

    we’ve been at it for several nights now….and we BOTH love love love the change!!! it takes a LOT off of my mental ‘plate’ to not have to think about how many diapers we have/how long til i have to waste money on them again…AND we’re being kind to the earth!! thanks cal!! xoxoxo

  2. Cinella says

    I’ve been trying Cal… I’ve only met two other people in my area who use cloth diapers. I show off my lil ones bum as much as possible. I plan to give info to my daughters teacher and friends as we just learned she’s prego. nCongrats on spreading the word and getting other mamas to think and try them out.nCJR

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