Three Years Ago –

Three years (and one week) ago I bought a domain name – The Eco Chic- and began writing.  Who would have thought that today I would still be writing and (trying) to make my name known in the blogosphere.  Why did I start writing?  There were many reasons but I guess I really wanted to share my tips and advice to living a more sustainable lifestyle with more people.  I have always tried to convince my friends and family that there was a ‘greener’ way to do things but it wasn’t until I started blogging that I really started to implement these steps in my own life.

When I started blogging I wrote about the easy stuff and wrote about similar issues that I was trying to implement at work.  For instance, my very first post was a welcome and mention of Pollution Prevention (P2)Week.  It was very short (as were most of my initial posts) but it was my way to start.  I’m not sure how many people actually read my first post (you can read it here: but that really wasn’t important to me at the time.  

What’s changed since then?  I’ve found my voice, I’ve found my tribe, and I’ve found my passion.  A year ago I found Twitter – the ULTIMATE networking tool for any blogger!  <And I have to thank Jeanne of EcoLabelFundraising for pushing me to join Twitter>  This year I attended my first blogging conference and started a second blogging and social media project <Eco Chic Parties>.  This year I have gone beyond being a blogger – and now think of myself as an advocate!  I’m an advocate for breastfeeding, I’m an advocate for cloth diapers, and I’m slowly becoming an advocate for other important environmental issues. 

This week on The Eco Chic and Eco Chic Parties I have some surprises for you – some giveaways, some parties, and some fun!  This week I’m also playing with my new layout that Melanie at MommyDoodles Design and I are working on.  I wanted to take a few minutes and say THANKS for all of my loyal readers, followers, and ironically – my friends (real life and virtual) – for sticking with me and helping to motivate me to keep writing!  For starters I have a Twitter Party scheduled for Thursday evening – visit the RSVP page for more information.

Entertain me with your comments – Do you blog?  How long have you been blogging?  Why did you start blogging?  What are your favorite features that I write about?  What would you like to see on The Eco Chic?  What are your favorite (and least favorite) parts of my blog <structure/layout/theme related>?  How long have you been following me?

Much love – XOXO – Calley

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