Can you really travel with cloth diapers?

The answer SHOULD be YES!  As I began planning for my #BlogHer10 experience I had originally planned on bringing the entire family along with me.  I researched NYC diaper services and had set up a batch of diapers to be delivered right to our hotel.

Over the past month our plans changed.  We were still planning our family trip to Disney (before our annual passes expired) but then the family was going in many different directions.

We packed up last weekend and headed to Orlando – complete with our stash of cloth diapers.  My first trip to Disney with the baby we packed disposables, hybrids, and cloth because I really didn’t know HOW to travel with cloth diapers.  I found out quickly that it’s NOT much different than at home.  This trip to Disney I only packed the fluff!  The only time it was a little less than pleasant was the 3rd day (when my DD had held her bowl movements for 3 whole days) when she decided to poo while at the water park.  Thankfully cloth holds in the solids BUT the water parks are NOT known for having great changing stations.  In fact they down right SUCK! So on a small bench in the changing room I changed a gross, nasty, 3 day poop that had just been mushed in by a baby sitting in the pool!  Anyways – as gross as it sounds it was actually quite painless – after I changed her we walked across the room to the toilet and dumped the evidence!  FLUSH!  Stuff the cover in the wetbag and then back in the locker – now back to playing.

After our Disney adventure it was time to leave the DD at Camp Grandma/Grandpa.  I even left my mom the bag of dirty diapers – which she called to tell me were all clean again.  I’m sure like last time she won’t be able to figure out which insert goes with which diaper but that’s not really too important.  And like last time the snaps will sit in the bag unused while Grandma prefers the velcros!  The point is that Grandma does cloth diapers and is just as proud as I am about it.

Really – traveling with cloth diapers isn’t much different than at home.  But if you aren’t lucky enough to have a Grandma to do your diaper laundry check out these great tips for the Real Diaper Association’s (RDA) Travel Tip Sheet.  The RDA is still fundraising for their $3500 in 35 Days campaign to keep their Executive Director.  For more information on the RDA please visit them at  If you like their tip sheet or any of their other work please consider donating to the $3500 in 35 Days campaign so they can continue to advocate for cloth diapers on every baby – all the time!  And if you join the RDA (as low as $25) you will receive a quarterly newsletter and a great button to show your support!  I’ll be wearing my button this week while at #BlogHer10!  If you see me don’t be afraid to “Ask me about cloth diapers!”

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  2. Eurail Pass says:

    Great to see this kind of thinking promoted, keep it up!

  3. Eurail Pass says:

    Great to see this kind of thinking promoted, keep it up!

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