Rump-a-Rooz Cloth Diaper Review

While I’m in the loving mood I’m going to share with you a little secret – I love Rump•a•Rooz® cloth diapers! I wish I had an entire fluffy stash of them – I love them that much. Sadly I only have only lonely chocolate Rump•a•Rooz® that I won in a Twitter giveaway. 


Five reasons I love Rump•a•Rooz® cloth diapers? 

1. They are available in both Aplix and snaps to please both myself and daddy. I only have the snap version and he doesn’t complain too much when he has to use it. 

2. Inner leg gusset to keep the mess where it belongs – IN the diaper! 

3. For those with newborns and infants when the Rump•a•Rooz® are set to the smallest setting they are actually SMALLER than the competition – allowing you to begin using them sooner than other one-sized diapers on the market. But don’t worry – the large setting is very comparable to the others! 

4. A scrumptiously soft microchamois inner liner. My friends little girl even cuddled this diaper – it is THAT soft! 

5. The 6•r soaker (insert) that adjusts to every babies unique needs with 6 different absorbency and size settings. 

Do I have to stop with 5 reasons? I could keep going – for example the awesome color selection, hip and fun prints (with more being revealed SOON!), and the absolutely amazing customer service! 

Why do you love Rump•a•Rooz®? What? You haven’t tried them yet? Then you absolutely must join Eco Chic Parties THIS Thursday evening for a Twitter Party and a chance to win your very own Rump•a•Rooz®. For more information please visit Eco Chic Parties and RSVP today. 

Don’t stop there – get your video camera out and tell Rump•a•Rooz® “What would you do?” do win one of the new prints. They are having a YouTube video contest that ends this Thursday at noon – so I’m going to log off and go film my winning video! Yes, I’m that confident! 

*Image was taken from my iPhone – and yes, my daughter always has dirty feet! Part of being a FL baby – we never wear shoes!   


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  1. Acapenguin says:

    I've been wondering how these were! Thanks for a very helpful review! I'll have to order one or two to try out!

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    Bravo, Bros! keep going like this, more good info again.

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