Movie Review – No Impact Man

Tonight I decided to watch No Impact Man the movie – it was available instantly on NetFlix and hubby had a softball game so I knew I had the television to myself. 

If you haven’t heard about No Impact Man – a family of 3 decide to live an entire year without making an environmental impact.  The goal was to reduce their waste to zero, eat locally, organic, vegetarian, and live without electricity.  They live in an apartment/condo in NYC so they have a lot of local advantages to living a greener lifestyle – they can commute via bikes and they have local farmers markets. 

While I watched this documentary of their lives I saw so much of my own life mirrored in the film.  I can relate most with the husband because I’m the one who attempts to change my families lifestyle.  It was great to watch and listen to his wife as she explained her feelings towards the project and the changes that they were making – especially since she wasn’t 100% behind him on every change.  I see so much of my husband in her – he appreciates my efforts but when they start to effect him personally he reminds me that we don’t share the same green goals.  I honestly think the relationship aspect of the film was the most touching to me. 

In your life are you and your significant other on the same page with your green lifestyle choices?  Does he/she openly accept cloth diapers?  Do they support your extended breastfeeding?  Do they cringe when you spend more money to buy something that’s more environmentally friendly?  Do they believe you when you tell them that you can clean anything without toxic chemicals? 

While I think my husband might actually leave me if I were ever to live a ‘no impact’ lifestyle – I think the concept of their project was a wonderful look at how much we’d have to give up in order to live our lives with ‘no impact’.  I’m not sure that there are many of us who would be willing to give up toilet paper for a year – or electricity for 6 months – I know that I’m not ready for those commitments myself.  I think they do a great job at the end encouraging others to make small changes.  They don’t make you feel guilty that aren’t willing to go ‘no impact.’ 

I do feel a little more inspired to make some bolder changes though – I wonder how far I could go before my husband would revolt?  Have you seen No Impact Man?  What did you think?  Did you read the book – I think I’m going to add it to my list of books to read by the end of the year and I’m about to go subscribe to his blog right now!  I can’t believe I never read his blog before.

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5 Responses to Movie Review – No Impact Man

  1. Kayla Dishon says:

    I'm going to put this on my instant watch. It sounds interesting!

  2. Jenny Bradford says:

    My husband is more green and willing to go farther than I am, even… The issue we have is that most of the things he wants to do, we can't actually afford yet. I am kinda scared to show him this film in case he gets ideas for more stuff!!

  3. Lisa Sharp says:

    My husband is much like yours. He slowly comes around but he likes it to be his idea. He doesn't care what I do but if it effects him he wants it to be because he decided lol.

  4. Liz Amason says:

    I haven't seen the movie yet either and appreciate your comments.
    Yes, my husband is also reluctant to change, especially no impact issues. But, he has slowly come around on many things. I'm fortunate that he's a smart man!

  5. Liz Amason says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet either and appreciate your comments.rnYes, my husband is also reluctant to change, especially no impact issues. But, he has slowly come around on many things. I’m fortunate that he’s a smart man!

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